Wednesday, September 3, 2014

End of Summer Texas Trip

Cole, Cate, and I flew down to Houston a few weeks ago to visit Nina and Pop Pop's house. It was my first time flying with them by myself and it really wasn't bad. 
Cole just watches a movie and has a snack and drink. He loves flying and telling everyone that he flew on a Southwest plane.
Cate, on the other hand, takes a little more effort to keep her happy. She nursed for some of the time and spent the rest of the time bouncing around my lap. We bought her a seat too because we had some vouchers we had to use up, so that was helpful to have the extra space. She didn't sleep at all either. I'm glad it was only a little over an hour flight. She's a workout right now!

My Mom picked us up and helped us with bags, and we drove back to their house where the kids had lunch and an afternoon nap. We planned to use this week to visit and catch up with friends, so we got right to it on Tuesday afternoon. We met up with my long time friend, Sarah, and her three kids at an indoor play place at a church. It was packed with kids because it was rainy, but they had a great time getting all their energy out! Then we had dinner with my Mom at Crust Pizza, one of my favorites! (We went there twice!)

We spent tons of time in the pool at my parents' house too! Cole got in to swim twice a day, most days! Cate also loves the pool! She just hangs out in her little float, kicks her legs, and splashes around. She also loves being floated around and sat on the steps to splash around some more.
Cole did an awesome job swimming! He was jumping in all over the place and putting his head underwater. He even would put his head under and swim to the other side of the pool after he jumped in! He was loving it! We even got him to swim a little bit without his Johnny Jumper (puddle jumper float).
Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday we used part of each day to meet up with friends again. Wednesday, we saw Leila and Bryson...who is going to have a baby sister soon! The boys cozied up to watch a little Mickey Mouse Clubhouse while we were talking.
We went over to Sarah's house for lunch and playtime on Thursday. Cate even took a nap over there. The kids ran around and played for a few hours while we got to chat. It was fun for Cole to have some playmates. They get along so well!
On Friday, we drove out to Katy to see Alyssa and Grant. We played at their house for a little bit, and then went to have lunch at Zoe's Kitchen. The boys loved playing by the duck pond. It was super hot that day though! Grant is also going to be a big brother soon, so it was fun to talk about 2nd baby stuff with her. Grant was very excited to have Cole over to play...he wanted to hold Cole's hand and sit by him at lunch. It was cute!!
Cole got to finally build his model airplane from Pop Pop while we were there. My Dad picked out a B17 bomber at the Air & Space Museum in Washington, DC and promised Cole they would put it together. Cole read the instructions while Pop Pop did the super glue. The airplane went to bed with him every night!
Cole was able to have some fun one-on-one time with Nina when she took him to a splash pad one morning while Cate napped. Then he got to hang out with Pop Pop when he took him to putt at the golf course after dinner. They even stopped at Baskin Robbins and got ice cream on their way home! We all went over to Market Street on night for some shopping and dinner too. We were busy, but tried to just do a little bit each day so the kids (and I) weren't too tired by the end of the week.
It turned out to be a great week! We had so much fun with my parents and friends that I don't get to see very often. It went a lot more smoothly with the travel and the time taking care of the two of them myself than I would have thought. My parents were a big help though too! Cole could just hang out with Pop Pop all day and not even worry about what I'm doing. :)

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