Monday, September 22, 2014

Cole - 3 1/2 Years Old

Cole Man turned 3 1/2 last week, and now tells people he's "three and a half" or sometimes "four and a half". We had to correct him a few times with that one. Our little man has grown up so much in the past six months. He weighs 37 pounds (same as he did at 3 years), but is 41 1/2 inches tall (two inches taller than at 3 years).

Some new things he's doing are dressing himself (and changing outfits multiple times a day), riding his scooter around the neighborhood, playing soccer, and going to preschool once a week. He's becoming very independent, but still wants us to play with him and take care of him. He can be pretty particular about how he wants things done though. He's a creature of habit and likes to do the same thing in the morning, for example,...Cheerios, milk, yogurt, and a show or at puts him in bed, then dad has to come in, then mom has to come in again. At least we know what to expect!

Here's how he's grown in a few pictures since March.


Cole's favorite foods right now are mac & cheese, strawberries, cheese, chicken & fries, and desserts. His favorite shows/movies have been the Lego Movie, Planes Fire & Rescue, Wild Krats (on PBS), Octonauts, and other Disney shows. We let him choose what he wants to watch on the Disney Junior or PBS Apps for about an hour to hour and a half a day. He usually watches in the morning at breakfast and after his nap. He's loving this "creature power" on the Wild Krats show where they highlight some kind of animal and its "super power" or cool thing it can do. We play "creature power" and turn into all kinds of animals. He knows a lot about animals because of it though, but it's pretty funny to watch. He is starting to pay attention to music a little more. Right now he loves Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off". He does some "break dancing" he learned from watching the music video.

Cole sleeps great a night. He goes to bed at 8 PM and wakes up around 7 AM. He takes one nap in the afternoon from 1 - 3 PM. The nap has shortened to two hours recently, but he still likes taking one and is much happier that way.

Cole has always been a talker, so that is nothing new, but he has really started paying more attention to what we say and are talking about. He repeats a lot of things he hears from us...good or bad! A lot of what he says comes from Tony though. This one was pretty funny...we were driving in the car, and he had his old Blackberry phone that he pretends to talk on. Then I hear him say "I'm looking up the liquor store on my phone." I had to have him repeat that one! I wasn't expecting that! We think he had heard Tony telling a friend at dinner the other night about this liquor store in Arkansas that they thought was great.

Cole's personality is usually pretty playful and silly. He loves playing with cars, airplanes, Legos, throwing the football, hitting golf balls, doing puzzles, and playing with Batman toys. Batman is a new favorite right now. He has done well at his soccer class and school. He listens well and participates while having a good time. He is at such a fun age, and we love just watching him grow up and grow into his own little self taking on whatever comes his way.

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