Saturday, September 20, 2014

Cate - 8 Months

We made it to the 8 Month Mark with Miss Cate, and what a difference a month makes! She has grown up so much in the last four weeks, it's crazy.
First of all, she started crawling! For about 3 weeks she was getting onto her hands, then hands and knees, and the finally got to where she moved and didn't fall on her belly. She's just been getting better and better at it every day. She looks so cute crawling because she kind of lifts her bottom up in the air and tucks one leg under as she moves. It's working for her though because she can get across the room all by herself and will crawl towards me or her toys. She also likes to go for everything she shouldn't like outlets, cords, shoes, etc. She's heard "no, no" quite a few times now.
Now that she's started moving, she's not wasting any time and has actually started pulling herself up to a standing position on a few different pieces of furniture that are a little lower to the ground. She pulls up on me and anything that's low enough to the ground. She even used the floor mirror in our room to stand up the other day. She's definitely strong and has pretty good balance.
Cate Girl also has at least one tooth coming in on the bottom. There could be another one close behind, but it's hard to tell if it's just one or two right now. One seems to be coming in a little faster though and is barely peaking through the gums. It doesn't seem to be bothering her too much. She's just biting on her teething toys, stuffed monkey that's become a favorite toy, and burp cloths.
Another fun thing that she started just a few days ago is using her fingers to feed herself some Cheerios. I decided just to let her try one day, and she did it! It's too cute because she will pick it up with her two fingers on one hand and then use her other hand to help guide it into her mouth. She's getting better at using her gums to "chew".
Her schedule for eating and sleeping is the same as last month. Not much has changed there. She's also wearing the same sizes of clothes, but we did go up to the size 4 diapers. It seemed like one day she woke up and the old ones looked too small!
She's been much less fussy this month, which has been nice. Maybe she was just on the verge of all these new things, she just wasn't sure how to handle it. She's been a lot more playful. Cole isn't quite sure how he feels about that though. He will get mad at her for playing with his toys sometimes, but we are working on that. Poor Cate has had a few things snatched out of her hands. She doesn't get upset though.
Cate is starting to be a Mama's girl. She will whine and reach for me whenever I walk into the room, if not start crawling towards me if she's on the floor. She will be just fine with Tony or grandparents or church nursery ladies as long as being held by me isn't an option. She's especially clingy if she's hungry or tired, which isn't surprising.

Brother/Sister Love
Cate loves her brother! He can make her laugh and will capture her attention whenever he's around. She loves seeing him in the morning and when Cole gets in the crib with her. They are going to be quite the pair as they get older!

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