Friday, September 26, 2014

This Week

We have started to feel a littler busier this fall with school and soccer every week, but Cole is really enjoying both!  I try to get pics at soccer, but he's moving so fast!

We also met up with Tony's family one night this week for dinner at Main Street Tavern in downtown BA. The food there is always good. 

Tony had to travel one night this past week so I took the kids to the park for a picnic and playtime to get us out and about. We went to "slide park" with a bunch of cool slides. The weather was beautiful and we had the best time!  It's one of my favorite things to do with them. 

Cate has really started getting the hang of pulling herself up on things, and she looks super cute doing it!

I took Cole and Cate to get silhouette portraits done today. I'm excited to have a new keepsake to put up in our house. 

We also got an exciting phone call that my cousin, Sara, and her longtime boyfriend, Aaron, are getting married this summer!  We are so happy an excited for them!  They made a great choice and asked Cole to be their ring bearer and Cate to be a flower girl! :) She sent them a little box with a card and gift after we had talked on FaceTime. 

Monday, September 22, 2014

Cole - 3 1/2 Years Old

Cole Man turned 3 1/2 last week, and now tells people he's "three and a half" or sometimes "four and a half". We had to correct him a few times with that one. Our little man has grown up so much in the past six months. He weighs 37 pounds (same as he did at 3 years), but is 41 1/2 inches tall (two inches taller than at 3 years).

Some new things he's doing are dressing himself (and changing outfits multiple times a day), riding his scooter around the neighborhood, playing soccer, and going to preschool once a week. He's becoming very independent, but still wants us to play with him and take care of him. He can be pretty particular about how he wants things done though. He's a creature of habit and likes to do the same thing in the morning, for example,...Cheerios, milk, yogurt, and a show or at puts him in bed, then dad has to come in, then mom has to come in again. At least we know what to expect!

Here's how he's grown in a few pictures since March.


Cole's favorite foods right now are mac & cheese, strawberries, cheese, chicken & fries, and desserts. His favorite shows/movies have been the Lego Movie, Planes Fire & Rescue, Wild Krats (on PBS), Octonauts, and other Disney shows. We let him choose what he wants to watch on the Disney Junior or PBS Apps for about an hour to hour and a half a day. He usually watches in the morning at breakfast and after his nap. He's loving this "creature power" on the Wild Krats show where they highlight some kind of animal and its "super power" or cool thing it can do. We play "creature power" and turn into all kinds of animals. He knows a lot about animals because of it though, but it's pretty funny to watch. He is starting to pay attention to music a little more. Right now he loves Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off". He does some "break dancing" he learned from watching the music video.

Cole sleeps great a night. He goes to bed at 8 PM and wakes up around 7 AM. He takes one nap in the afternoon from 1 - 3 PM. The nap has shortened to two hours recently, but he still likes taking one and is much happier that way.

Cole has always been a talker, so that is nothing new, but he has really started paying more attention to what we say and are talking about. He repeats a lot of things he hears from us...good or bad! A lot of what he says comes from Tony though. This one was pretty funny...we were driving in the car, and he had his old Blackberry phone that he pretends to talk on. Then I hear him say "I'm looking up the liquor store on my phone." I had to have him repeat that one! I wasn't expecting that! We think he had heard Tony telling a friend at dinner the other night about this liquor store in Arkansas that they thought was great.

Cole's personality is usually pretty playful and silly. He loves playing with cars, airplanes, Legos, throwing the football, hitting golf balls, doing puzzles, and playing with Batman toys. Batman is a new favorite right now. He has done well at his soccer class and school. He listens well and participates while having a good time. He is at such a fun age, and we love just watching him grow up and grow into his own little self taking on whatever comes his way.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Cate - 8 Months

We made it to the 8 Month Mark with Miss Cate, and what a difference a month makes! She has grown up so much in the last four weeks, it's crazy.
First of all, she started crawling! For about 3 weeks she was getting onto her hands, then hands and knees, and the finally got to where she moved and didn't fall on her belly. She's just been getting better and better at it every day. She looks so cute crawling because she kind of lifts her bottom up in the air and tucks one leg under as she moves. It's working for her though because she can get across the room all by herself and will crawl towards me or her toys. She also likes to go for everything she shouldn't like outlets, cords, shoes, etc. She's heard "no, no" quite a few times now.
Now that she's started moving, she's not wasting any time and has actually started pulling herself up to a standing position on a few different pieces of furniture that are a little lower to the ground. She pulls up on me and anything that's low enough to the ground. She even used the floor mirror in our room to stand up the other day. She's definitely strong and has pretty good balance.
Cate Girl also has at least one tooth coming in on the bottom. There could be another one close behind, but it's hard to tell if it's just one or two right now. One seems to be coming in a little faster though and is barely peaking through the gums. It doesn't seem to be bothering her too much. She's just biting on her teething toys, stuffed monkey that's become a favorite toy, and burp cloths.
Another fun thing that she started just a few days ago is using her fingers to feed herself some Cheerios. I decided just to let her try one day, and she did it! It's too cute because she will pick it up with her two fingers on one hand and then use her other hand to help guide it into her mouth. She's getting better at using her gums to "chew".
Her schedule for eating and sleeping is the same as last month. Not much has changed there. She's also wearing the same sizes of clothes, but we did go up to the size 4 diapers. It seemed like one day she woke up and the old ones looked too small!
She's been much less fussy this month, which has been nice. Maybe she was just on the verge of all these new things, she just wasn't sure how to handle it. She's been a lot more playful. Cole isn't quite sure how he feels about that though. He will get mad at her for playing with his toys sometimes, but we are working on that. Poor Cate has had a few things snatched out of her hands. She doesn't get upset though.
Cate is starting to be a Mama's girl. She will whine and reach for me whenever I walk into the room, if not start crawling towards me if she's on the floor. She will be just fine with Tony or grandparents or church nursery ladies as long as being held by me isn't an option. She's especially clingy if she's hungry or tired, which isn't surprising.

Brother/Sister Love
Cate loves her brother! He can make her laugh and will capture her attention whenever he's around. She loves seeing him in the morning and when Cole gets in the crib with her. They are going to be quite the pair as they get older!

Trojan Tough 5K

Tony and I did a 5K this morning over in Jenks. It was put on by the school I used to teach at as a fundraiser for their Jenks Wild environmental camp, and this was the first year for them to have it. There was a 1 mile fun run and a 5K. We dropped Cole and Cate off over at Tony's parents' house and were able to do a 3 mile warm up before the race started. The course was just around the Jenks High School area and residential streets behind the school and ended on the high school track. There were tons of kids and their parents. We were probably one of the few that did not have kids at the school who participated. I think they had about 600 registrations total, nearly 300 for the 5K though.

It was a warm, muggy morning, so our times were not our best...but we both won the overall male and female awards! Tony won the whole thing! Here he is getting ready to cross the finish line!

We forgot to take a picture of the two of us after the race, but here are our medals. We were super maybe we're not too upset that we didn't get a pic!

Tony ran 19:55 (6:25 per mile), 1st overall
Beth ran 21:59 (7:05 per mile), 5th overall, 1st female

We were super impressed with how well they organized the race! It probably helped that one of my teaching partners organized it and she's a runner too. :) There were plenty of waters, bananas, and bagels at the finish even after the fun run went first. There was one water station and volunteers at every turn. They had a TV screen showing the results live as they were coming in. It was also cool to see so many kids getting up early on a Saturday morning to go run. I'm sure a lot of them had never done a 5K before, so that was really neat. We were so glad we did this's a small race, but we have a connection to the school and know it will make a difference for the kids and their fundraising efforts. Maybe next year we can get Cole to do the one mile fun run. He's already been playing "race" around the house and winning our medals when he finishes.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Wake Up!

Cate finally sat up in bed this morning. She's been sitting herself up on the floor for a few weeks. We knew this was coming soon!  I think she was pretty excited about it too. 
(Her blanket is clean BTW...after two kids chewing on it, that's just the way it looks!  Those are going in the trash once Cate is done with them!)

Sleepy eyes!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Airplane Museum - Take 2

We visited the Tulsa Air and Space Museum on Friday. We haven't been since January when Cole and I went 2 days before Cate was born. We hoped to  see the big American Airlines plane, but it still wasn't open. Hopefully next time!

Cole and Cate both took turns flying the airplane. 

The yellow Leadbottom (from PLANES)
We were the only ones there that morning. So we spent a lot of time in the kids area just hanging out (and feeding Cate).

It was Cole's idea to make the trip to the museum. He woke up wanting to go to the airplane museum for whatever reason. We stayed for about an hour and a half this time. Cole had fun even though  there really weren't many new things to see. With him being a little bit older he seemed to be interested in more of the interactive parts. We love talking to the old guys working in the museum too. :)

Saturday, September 13, 2014


The weather has cooled down this week, and we've been making frequent trips to the park. These two kids love to swing!

It's fun getting to the point where Cate can enjoy our little park too. She will swing as long as Cole wants to play. 

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Cole's First Day of Preschool

Sweet little Cole Man went to school for the first time on Monday. He's going once a week for five hours of the day at a local church with a preschool program. 

His first ever First Day of School pic!
He has a dinosaur backpack and Batman lunch box. The love of Batman started after he had already gotten the backpack. :) 

I dropped him off and we found his name to set all of his things down. He went right in and started playing. 
He said they played on the playground, went to gym and did the parachute, learned the letter A, #2, and circle shape. He had lunch and took a nap like a big boy. His teachers said he's so smart and knew all his letters, numbers, and colors. I'm so proud of him for having such a good time and enjoying something different.  He told me right away that he missed me and I missed him too!

I let Cole pic what he wanted for an after school snack for his first day, and he chose Cherry Berry for some ice cream with sprinkles.  He still has the thumbs up!
We went to Target for a few things and the poor little man fell asleep on the way home. He was worn out!
I loved hearing him tell Tony all about his day too. He even said "my school was awesome!"  I think he will do just fine this year!

Monday, September 8, 2014

Wooo Pig Sooie!

We took a short weekend trip to Fayetteville to celebrate Stacy!  My parents came to out house on Wednesday and Thursday and we all drove over on Friday afternoon to meet up with Stacy. She was in town for their 20 year golf program reunion and for the Hall of Honor dinner where she was being inducted and honored. 

All of us but Cate went to the dinner. We think there were probably 600 people attenting the dinner to honor the 9 athletes. 

Cole did an awesome job at dinner and made it through the entire thing eve though he didn't like the food served. He did have rolls and cake!
They showed a video of each honoree and then each of them gave a short speech about their time at the University of Arkansas. Stacy had the best speech, of course, and she was the only female of the two inducted that was there to accept the award.  So many people wanted to talk to her and take pictures with her. We are so proud of her! It was cool to see her video of all her accomplishments and to remember how far she's come since she was in college. 

The next day, we went to the Arkansas football game. It was a little rainy in the morning, but by the time we went to tailgate it was pretty much clearing up. We ate lunch with all the girls in town for the golf reunion. Cole just had the best time hanging out with Stace!
Cate did great too!  She missed her afternoon nap, but was not very fussy and loved watching everything going on around her. 
The tailgate was outside of Barnhill Arena, which used to be the old basketball arena, but now houses most of the women's athletics offices and volleyball court. We went inside to check it out and take a few pictures. 

We had to take a picture of this!  She's kind of a big deal! :)
We headed into the stadium for the 3:00 kick off. Stacy's college coach had arranged an awesome suite for us to hang out it and watch the game. It was at the center of the south end zone. Pretty much the best view of the game!  It wa awesome!
Cole in his hog hat!
Cate in the hog hat!
The suite was the perfect set up to watch a game with two little kids!  Snacks, space, family and friends around. The Razorbacks scored tons of points, so Cole got to do a lot of "Wooo Pig Sooie!" He had it down!  Here are a few other pictures from the game. 

It all went by too fast, and everyone was on their way on Sunday morning. We had breakfast with my parents an got to see Stacy before she left for the airport though. It was such a special weekend, and we were so glad to be a part of it!

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