Monday, August 18, 2014


The Grand Rapids tournament had a bunch of cool events and one of them was a 5k run. I don't think there are any other tournaments that have a run, so we were all about it when we found out!  It was Saturday morning at 8 am. After the lack of sleep we were kind of dreading gettin up early, but we knew we would be happy we did it. We had convinced my Mom, Dad, and cousin Kelly to run it with us. 
My other cousin, Sara, agreed to be our babysitter and hang with Cole and Cate while we ran. 

We got to the race a little early since we needed to pick up our packets, but we still had time to do a little warm up and hang out for a little bit. Cole was cold, and I didn't think to pack a sweatshirt for him, so he sported mine for a little bit.

We lined up for the race, which we think had about 300 racers, and tried to get towards the front. We were glad we did too because they didn't have a sensor for the chip timing at the start. So our times were off of the gun. None of us ran together, but we all had a great run! The weather was and clear and there was only one good sized hill at one mile. The rest of it was downhill or flat. The course ended with a lap around the Rockford High School track. Here's how we finished:

Tony - 19:01 (he's claiming he broke 19 min with his actual time :) ), 2nd Age Group, 11th overall
Beth - 20:55, 1st Age Group, 5th Woman, 27th Overall
Carol - 32:29, 14th Age Group
Dale - 28:39, 19th Age Group
Kelly - 25:25, 5th Age Group, 23rd Woman

I was super impressed that my Dad ran the whole way, except the top of the hill, and my Mom did great with her run/walk. She ran all the way to the hill at a mile before she walked. None of us had done a race in awhile, so it was fun to get moving that fast again. The race was sponsored by Kraft, so they had AMAZING post race food! Hot waffles, cereals, bars of every kind, fruit, you name it!

They also had a cool photo op we took a few pictures.

Tony got a $15 gift certificate to Gazelle Sports for 2nd, and I got a $25 Meijer gift card for 1st in our age groups. We made sure to spend those before we left town!

We had such a fun time at the was one of our favorite things that we did over the weekend. Cole might have caught the running bug too! He ran through the finish line with my Mom, ran up and down the track near the finish, and then ran an entire lap around the track! He loved watching and cheering at the finish line too!

Sara not only watched both kids, but she got great pictures of each one of us finishing our races!

And since Cole is a celebrity at golf tournaments, he and my Dad did an interview for the LPGA media crew out at the race. Here's the link to watch that. He talks a lot in this one!

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