Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Grand Rapids, MI Trip

We decided kind of last minute to go up to Grand Rapids to join family for Stacy's tournament up there. My Dad's family from Ohio were all driving up and my parents were going to be there too. We left Tulsa on Wednesday night and flew to Chicago. Such a short flight from was great!  Kids were good and it went well.

We did get into Chicago kind of late, but we had time to drive part of the way to Michigan. It was going to be a 3.5 hour drive total, so we went about and hour to Chesterton, Indiana. Tony had found a B&B in an old train station, which we knew Cole would love. It's called Riley's Railhouse and it really was a neat place in such a small town. They have two bedrooms and we stayed in the bigger one with the kids loft bed. 

Cole and Cate enjoyed all the train toys they had. 

Now the downside was the trains going by all night long every 15-30 minutes blowing their horns and rumbling the building as they flew by!  Unfortunately Tony and I slept horrible!  The kids actually slept alright...go figure. The room also had a sky light, so Cole had us up bright and early.

It was actually really neat for Cole. He loved going out on the balcony in the morning and waving to the train drivers as they came by. 

We took a few pics outside before we headed out in the morning.

We drove the 2.5 hours to Grand Rapids and made it out to see Stacy's last 2 holes since she played in the morning. We hung out for a little bit afterwards. Cole really wanted to putt with Stacy and did her interview with her!

He even signed an autograph!

We ate lunch at. Firehouse Subs and went back to the hotel to relax for a little bit. Cate napped and Cole went in the pool. Then we went to dinner in downtown GR at a place called Hop Cat. It was so good!  Service was a little slow, but it was a really cool place. The waiter was a Batman fan just like Cole and he actually gave Cole his sunglasses that have Batman on the lenses. (Kind of hard to see here.)

Friday Stacy played in the afternoon. So we just hung around the hotel in the morning. Tony and I were able to go on a 5 mile run while my Mom and cousins watched the kids. Tony found a "Rail Trail" which is pretty common up there. It's a paved path that's been put in place of old railway lines.  Then we went to the golf in the afternoon.

The highlight of this day was that Cole was mic'ed for a few holes and had a cameraman following him for a story on the Channel 8 news. Here's the link to the story. 

We made it all 18 holes and the kids were worn out. My cousin brought a double stroller for us to use and it was a lifesaver!  The two little cuties even fell asleep at the same time. 

Friday night we just ate pizza at the hotel. The pizza place we ordered from (Faro's Pizza) was really good and just down the street from our hotel. 

On Saturday morning, we got up early to run in the LPGA 5k that was one of the community events with the tournament. I'm going to post on that separately.

Then we went out to the tournament to watch Stacy again. We made it all 18 holes too. Our favorite thing at the tournament was the $1 ice creams at the turn! It kept us going! 

Saturday night we went out to dinner to celebrate my Aunt Kathy and Uncle Gary's birthdays. We went to a Mexican place called Fajita Republic which was actually really good. Tony and I had to spend our winnings from the race, so we went to the Meijer grocery store and Gazelle Sports before getting the kids ready for bed. We had a fun time in Grand Rapids, but it was a little tiring for us. Cate didn't do very well on this trip. She was all off schedule and had a hard time napping and going to sleep in the hotel. She cried and cried while we tried to rock her to sleep, which is so unlike her. She was also pretty fussy during the day, woke up more than normal during the night, and ate more often during the day. That made it a little tough. So we didn't get to really hang out with everyone at night because we were so exhausted. We also decided to change our flight to leave Sunday morning instead of really late Sunday night. We didn't know if we would survive a 9 PM flight with both kids after going to the golf all day and driving 3 hours back to Chicago. So we got up early Sunday morning and drove to Chicago to fly home. The kids slept quite a bit, and Tony got a speeding ticket! Just our luck. But we were home by noon on Sunday and everyone got to nap in the afternoon. Thankfully Cate went right back to her normal self by Sunday night and has been sleeping great ever since. Cole actually did well through the whole trip, and didn't really have any major meltdowns. He was our easy one this time around. They keep us on our toes and keep life interesting...that's for sure!

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