Thursday, July 10, 2014

The Drive to Myrtle Beach

I'm going to have to split up our trip to Myrtle Beach into quite a few posts! I have so many pictures, it's going to be hard to narrow it down too. I'll start off with our drive from Charlotte to Myrtle Beach.

After our super long day of travel on Friday, we took our time getting ready to start our drive to the beach. We stopped at a Trader Joe's to pick up a few things for the week, and ended up leaving a little after noon.
The route we took, sent us through Darlington, SC right by Darlington Motor Speedway where they have a NASCAR race every year. There's not much going on in Darlington, but I bet on race day, it is packed with people! We decided to stop and check it out. We went into the gift shop and found out there was a racecar museum attached to it. Being a CARS fan, Cole loved it! It's fun to see cars just like the ones in the movie!

The Hudson Hornet, aka Doc.
The blue one looks like The King.
We also saw one that Cole thought looked like Ramone.

I love this picture of Tony and Cole!
Cole got a little souvenir from the gift shop, and we asked if we could go see the track. We found the viewing area and took a few pictures. I'd never been to a NASCAR track before, so I thought it was pretty cool to see. Cole loved it too.
After our little stop, we were thinking we still had a few more hours, and boy did we! The traffic as we got close to Myrtle Beach was horrible. We tried to take some side roads to get around some of the traffic, but a lot of it was unavoidable. We ended up not making it to the beach house until after 5 PM. We knew we wanted to talk our time, and not worry about rushing, but we didn't realize how bad the traffic was going to be at the end. The kids did great on the drive though. Cate never even cried until the last part, and Cole slept for quite awhile too. I think they were both worn out from the day/night before.

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