Monday, July 14, 2014

Myrtle Beach - The Pool

We spent a lot of our time hanging out by the pool. When we went to the beach three years ago, the house we rented didn't have a pool, and I'm so glad we decided to rent a house with a pool this time. Everyone used it, and it was a nice break from the ocean. It also had a covered area where you could sit in the shade. Cole would be out in the pool after he ate breakfast by 8 AM at the latest!

The water was pretty cool, so he had some trouble getting people to go in with him that early when the pool was still in the shade! He tried hard, and convinced a few of them! Cate and I would hang out at watch him swim though. She loved my mom's Starbucks cup!
And then she made a mess and lost clothes. :)

We used the pool a lot in the afternoon once the sun was up over it. We had music going, people playing pool volleyball, or just floating around.

We got Cate in there with her float. She loved sitting in the pool!

Nina and Pop Pop bought Cole and ice cream from the ice cream truck! He chose a Batman one (ever since the Lego Movie, he's been all about Batman!). He didn't love the cherry flavor of it though. Next time, we'll stick to something chocolate! That's a sure thing!

We had perfect weather the entire trip, except for the day Hurricane Arthur came through! It rained the entire day and was very windy by the beach. The waves were huge and the water came up to the dunes.

Cole still wanted to get in the pool in the morning. We let him since it hadn't started to storm that bad yet. He swam in the rain for a little bit, but then he got too cold and wanted to go back inside.

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