Thursday, July 17, 2014

Myrtle Beach - Evening Activities

With so many people in our group, we ate breakfast and all but one of our lunches at the house. The amount of groceries we had was insane!  We also got lots of donut holes from Dunkin Donuts on a few 100 and 125!  And they were all eaten each day!

Our first night, we got pizza from Ultimate California Pizza and ate at the house because every one was traveling and getting in at different times.  We also did another dinner in and had tacos and chips & queso. Our other low key dinner was at Firehouse Subs. The group wanted to go to a hamburger place but we had waited to long to go because we were all watching Stacy win in NW Arkansas(!!) and the wait was too long. I had decide to stay back with Cate because it was late for her and they brought food back for me. 

We went out to dinner a few nights though...well late afternoon if you have 20 people in a vacation spot! We seriously had to go to dinner at 4:30 PM to avoid waiting forever! It worked out fine for us with Cole and Cate because we were able to get home before it got too late for them.

One night we wanted to go to a place called Drunken Jack's in Murrell's Inlet. We got there a little before 4:30 PM (they opened at 4 PM), and they told us it would be over an hour wait! Yikes! So we went to a place called Nance's Creekside Restaurant instead. It was a little dated, and the food was just so so. The best thing they had going for them were the hush puppies and honey butter! Cole was entertained there with David's foldable sunglasses.

Poor Cole Man fell asleep on the table watching Mater Tales before we left for dinner.

We took a few pictures once we got back to the house after dinner, and after our Lew Crew pictures.

We also went to RiverCity Café in Surfside for dinner and for lunch the day of the hurricane. They have really good burgers and chicken sandwiches. It's right on the beach, so it was nice to sit on the deck and watch the waves by the pier. We all were able to get different sandwiches that we liked just as much the day we went for lunch. I think they guys still had burgers on their list that they wanted to try! The day we went there for lunch, Cole was so tired, he slept on my lap the entire meal. Poor guy just couldn't make it any longer.

Our other dinner out was to Sara J's in Garden City. This was really close to our rental house and somewhere that we always go to when we come to the beach. They have really good seafood and my Dad loves their scallops. Janet and I got shrimp and grits, and I don't know why I've never thought to get that before because it was amazing! So good! Tony and I have talked about those shrimp and grits many times since we left! Cate Girl passed out on Janet's lap that night.

We were frequent visitors to the Baskin Robbins down the street! You have to have ice cream on vacation!

One night we also went to play putt putt. Uncle Gary stayed home with Cate after she went to bed, and the rest of us went to play some golf. Cole was pretty tired, but he was a good sport and played all 18 holes. We only lost his ball in the bushes one time, and we were able to find it after some searching. Stacy kept track of his ball and putter the rest of the time. Of course, Stacy won in our group!
The rest of the Lew Crew went out a few nights to Broadway at the Beach and the arcade and karaoke bar by the pier, but we didn't want to stay out that late with the little we were tired a lot of nights too!

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