Sunday, July 13, 2014

Myrtle Beach - Beach Time

Our days of vacation were basically split between the beach and the pool. We went back and forth all day long. It's so nice staying at a house right on the beach, especially with little kids! We got Cate out to the beach quite a few times, although she never stayed out for very long and we never took her into the water. We just would put her feet in to see how she liked it.

Cole was all about the beach by about the second day of our trip. He started off really wanting to spend most of his time in the pool, but once he got more comfortable around the ocean, he was all about it. I think once he saw all the guys out in the water, he wanted to be out where everyone else was. He had his puddle jumper on and was riding the waves!

He also loved playing in the sand with whoever was around and interested in helping him build sand castles or dig ponds.

My cousin, Scott, built Cole a Lightning McQueen out of sand that he pretended to drive and fill up with gas (aka ocean water).

We did a few photo sessions during the week to try to get a some good group pictures at the beach. Not as easy feat with so many people, but I think they turned out pretty good.

The entire Lew Crew!
Our branch of the Lew Crew :)
All the "kids"
All the parents
We wanted to take some pictures of our little family, and unfortunately we waited until the last night. Cole hadn't taken a nap the entire week, and he fell asleep on the 5 minute drive home from dinner. We let him sleep a little bit and then woke him up for some pictures...another mistake! Oh man...he had the biggest crying/screaming fit I have ever seen. We couldn't even calm him down. It was a mess! So he wouldn't look at the camera...
We decided to get some pictures with Cate since she was a willing participant.

Just before we were about to loose our light on the beach, we got Cole to come out and at least try to take a picture with us. He was looking, so we'll take it!

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