Friday, June 13, 2014

Swim Lessons - Week 1

Cole started swim lessons this week. We decided to try the ones at our neighborhood pool for convenience. He's having a blast and wakes up asking if he gets to go to swim lessons today. 

Tuesday was his first day since we had rain on Monday. The Mom's have to stay back so we don't distract the kids. It was so hard to just let him go!  He looked so big!  
He did great though!  He was so exited that he went underwater. 

Day 2 he was just as excited. He was even the helper and carried the pool toys for his teacher. 

Day 3 was nice and sunny for their class. They were heading into the pool area when we got there and he literally threw his shoes at me and grabbed his towel and took off!  He didn't want to miss anything!  

I had promised a trip to Braums for ice cream one day after swim lessons and decided a Friday was a good day to go. 
He's had his eye on birthday cake flavored ice cream for awhile, so that's what he went with today. Loved it!

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