Friday, June 27, 2014

Road Trip

I took Cole and Cate on a little road to visit Stacy in Arkansas on Monday. It's a little over an hour and a half drive, and it's pretty easy. 

When we got there Cole wanted to go hit balls with Stacy right away!
He hit some great shots and we dogged a few rain showers while we were out there. 
We came in to go have some lunch, Chick-fil-a of course!  Then we came back to feed Cate and let her nap. While she napped, it started pouring!  Cole really wanted to play in the rain....
So he played outside for a long time and came in to playing with more toys inside. We also got to see Stacy's college coach and Travis, her caddy, came to lunch with us. 
We stayed until 4:30 and headed back home. Both kids slept pretty much the whole way!  Pretty nice!  We are back again to watch her play in the tournament this weekend too!  

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