Saturday, June 28, 2014

Longest Day Ever!

Wow...we had such a crazy day yesterday!  We woke up, packed the car for the beach, and drove to Rogers, AR to see Stacy and then to fly from there to Charlotte, NC that night. 

It started off well.  Our drive was nice and uneventful. 
We hung out with Stace and ate a good lunch at the clubhouse with her.  The kids were sporting their Arkansas gear!

Then we let Cate nap and hung out at Stacy's housing (which is the best ever...right on #9 green by the clubhouse). Cole and Tony watched Stacy warm up for a bit. Then I fed Cate while Tony and Cole watched her tee off. 
I went to meet them when we were done and it was starting to go downhill. Cole was getting tired and we watched Stacy putt and tee off, and we went back to do naps. 
Cate used the BOB for the first time!
Well Cole did not like this plan of going inside, but he didn't want to walk anymore either. So we had a major meltdown and a lot of trouble getting him calmed down. Tony finally just got him to chill and relax for a little bit, but it was not an easy task. Cate took a great nap. (I go back and forth on who is easier!  Cate won at that moment!)

We did get to see Stacy hit an awesome shot from the sand on #9 to just a few inches to make an easy birdie.  We had to sat goodbye to her there since we only had another hour or so until we had to leave and Cate was still sleeping. So we just hung out and watched a little golf from the porch and played tic tac toe. 
 We left for the airport at 5:00 and then the day got really long!  It took them 30 min to check us in because of something with our reservation number from American to US Airways.  The upside was we were the last ones on the plane, ready to go...until we pull back from the gate and they say we can take off because of weather in Charlotte and will update us in 40 minutes. So we sat. Then they say we are clear to go and we get all ready. Now there's too much air traffic and we have to wait 30 more minutes!  Our hour and a half on the plane turned into 3 hours!  But Cole and Cate did unbelievable!  Cole watched a little iPad and talked to me. Cate sat in our laps, ate a few times, and barely cried. We couldn't believe it. We were busy keeping them both happy, but we survived!

We got to Charlotte and the airport is insane because of the weather. We waited forever for our bags and the rental car bus with our million bags!  We had one thing go our way and were able to select and go an suv to fit all of our luggage. We were on our way at 11 PM.  Cate was already asleep but Cole fell asleep before we got on the road. We had to run back by the terminal to get Tony's golf bag that was in a different area. 

We were starving because we hadn't gotten anything to eat before left. So we found a Taco Bell and went through the drive thru and like midnight with our two kids asleep in the back!  Haha!  We didn't even know what to order at Taco Bell!  It had been so long since we had been to one. We check into our hotel and stuff our faces, bring in our million bags, and start getting ready for bed. Until we realize we are missing a bag with all if Cole's clothes in it!!!  Now Tony had to go back to the rental car place in hopes that it was there and luckily it was!!  What a relief!  

We finally made it to bed around 1 AM, and we could not believe all that had happened!  Now we are ready to have a relaxing drive to the beach today!

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