Monday, June 2, 2014

Cate's Week of Fun

Last week, Cate had a big week and has some exciting new things going on. 

1. We went out to dinner with just the four of us...not something we do very often these days!  A pizza date at Hideaway was pretty fun though. Cate didn't start fussing until the pizza came. :)

2. We got out the exersaucer for her to try out, and it was a hit!
Just in the past few days, she's started to hold her head and body much better and only leans forward a little bit in the exersaucer. Cole loves helping her by making all the sounds and music go on the toys. 

3. After we doctors appointment, we got the go ahead to get her started on rice cereal. I know everyone has their own style about starting solids, but we are starting now just like we did with Cole. I'm planning on doing rice cereal, then a few veggies, and then fruits. Here's some pictures from the first day. 

She's doing ok so far. She will take some off the spoon and end up spitting most of it out, but she gets through quite a bit of it before she starts to cry and get frustrated.  We are in no hurry and just doing as much as she wants took Cole 10 days before he would actually eat all the cereal. 

4. Over the weekend (at 19 weeks) Cate rolled over from her tummy to her back for the first time!  She's only done it twice, so it's going to take her some practice. But we were pretty excited for her!

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