Saturday, May 10, 2014

What a Weekend!

I'm a little behind because we've had company this week, but last weekend we took our first trip with Cate and went to Stacy's golf tournament in Dallas. We stayed in a suites hotel so we had an extra room and kitchen and they had breakfast in the morning. My parents also stayed in the same hotel which made it fun for Cole to go hang out in their room while Cate was sleeping. We left Tulsa around lunch time on Thursday, and only had to stop one time to feed Cate. We made it to Dallas before 5 PM, which was pretty good. The drive went well even though the kids didn't sleep as much as we thought they would.

My parents were excited to see Cole and Cate since it'd been about 6 weeks. My Mom had Cate laughing right away.
We just hung around the hotel in the mornings and Stacy would come over to see us. Tony and I were able to go run a few times also. Here's the four of us the first day of the tournament. We went out for her first 9 holes this day, and went back for a late nap.
I had to feed Cate once while we were out there, so the two of us hung out in the shade a few holes ahead of Stacy's group.
I came back with Cole and Cate after the round so Cole could putt with Stacy. It's the highlight of him going to a golf tournament! He talks about it all day long!
Saturday, we planned to do the same and watch the first 9 holes, but after we had lunch and were on our way to the course, Cole go really tired. So I took him and Cate back to the hotel to take naps, and then came out for the round instead. Cole wasn't happy about this, but he was so tired he was going back and forth about what he wanted to do anyways.

We carried Cate in the Baby Bjorn because she's still too little for the BOB stroller. With the sun, I carried and umbrella too which worked our really well to give us some shade. I got my Mom to carry her for one hole too!
Cole got to go to the scoring tent with Stacy and stayed with her while she signed autographs and did her post-round interview! He even talked on camera! Everyone knew Cole by the end of the tournament!
This was Cole's favorite spot on the golf course. He hung out on these steps every time we got to this hole.
We got to watch Stacy play some of her best golf, and we were so excited to be there when she won her 9th tournament! We'd never been there when she's won, and it was always something we wanted to experience! She won by 6 shots, which is amazing! It was super fun to see everyone so excited for her and cheering for her all day! Cole became a little celebrity this weekend and ran out on the green when Stacy won and did more interviews with her too. So they of course had to take a picture together with the trophy.
We just hung out taking pictures while Stacy was doing all her pictures and media for her win. :)
Then we got to take a few pictures with Stacy, and hung out while Cole played around with her for awhile on the putting green again. We knew it was going to be a late night driving back to Tulsa, but we were not going to miss her winning either!
We didn't make it home until almost midnight and had a few rough moments of tired kids on the drive home, but it wasn't too bad. I was able to feed Cate after we ate dinner and we didn't have to stop again which was really nice. None of us had been up that late in awhile, but we all slept until 8:30 AM Monday morning, which never happens!

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