Saturday, May 31, 2014

Memorial Day Weekend

We took our longest road trip yet with Cate last weekend to my parents' house in The Woodlands. It takes us about 7.5 hours and we make a few stops for food and bathroom breaks. Cole and Cate did great on the drive down. We took a few pics to entertain ourselves. 

Cole and his new squid dive sticks. 
 And smiley Cate. 
The girl loves her fingers. 
We got there around dinner time on Thursday. My cousin, Bryan, also came into town so he, my Dad and Tony could play golf. They played all three days of the weekend too. So my Mom and I were on our own with the kiddos quite a bit. On Friday we went to The Woodlands Children's Musuem. Cole had a blast!  There were so many things for kids his age to do. He didn't even play with everything and we were there for almost two hours.   He played with the trains a bunch, but he also LOVED this water table with magnet fish and fishing poles. 

He tried the dump trucks. 

Another favorite was the fire truck and pole. 

My Mom even got him to do the craft table at the very end. 

Cate loved watching the fish in the big fish tank!

My little king and queen!

On Saturday my Mom and I got pedicures before the guys went to golf and I was able to get my haircut.  Cole and Cate got to hang out with Nina and went to Chick-fil-a. 

Cole had tons of fun playing with Bry Bry. They played at the park. 

And Cole wore Bryan out swimming in the pool everyday...more than once a day even!

Cate just did a little swimming, but she got to hang out with everyone outside on the patio a bunch. 

My Mom and I were able to do a little shopping on Sunday afternoon, and we ate out a few nights (Rico's and Willie's). We were even able to see Tony's Mom and brother a few times since they were still in town too. 

We headed back late Monday morning and made it home before dinner time. We have a little tradition of stopping at the Dairy Queen outside of Paris, Texas for Blizzards. Cole is finally old enough to enjoy his own!  He picked M&M's in case you were wondering, and he ate the whole thing!  ( I don't know where he got the love of ice cream from??!!)

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