Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt

This was our first year to try out the Easter Egg Hunt held by our neighborhood every year. It takes place in one of the parks that we could walk to, and it's for kids off all ages, but I think the oldest kids there were probably 10 and came with younger siblings. Cole was in the 0-3 age group where the eggs were really just all out in the grass and the kids just ran out there and picked them up.
The Easter Bunny also made an appearance. Cole was fascinated with "that bunny". We had to get in line and have his picture taken before the egg hunt started. Which luckily worked out when everyone else left the line to go line up for the egg hunt. We snapped a few pictures and made it just in time.
Cole only had to wait a few seconds before the blew the horn to start his age group and he was off!
He was one of the few kids out there collecting eggs without help. He could have cleaned up in the egg hunt, but he got about 6 or 8 eggs in his basket and said that was enough. He wanted to sit down and open them to see what was inside.
He got excited because they had candy inside. Then we told him he could get more if he wanted to, and that didn't take much convincing.
But again, he just wanted to get a few more and open them up! Oh well. He also had to show Daddy all the candy he got when he "cracked those eggs."
After all the eggs were gone, the next age groups went. The whole thing took about 15 minutes! Those kids weren't playing around. We took some pictures together afterwards. Tony's Mom came with us since she was in town for a few more days. The weather was nice and the pictures turned out pretty cute!

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