Monday, April 14, 2014

Coloring Easter Eggs

I always loved coloring Easter eggs as a kid and couldn't wait for Cole to be old enough to do them with him! I love the marble or glitter ones, but I bought a Monsters University egg dye kit from Target because I knew Cole would be interested in that. First, I had to try to explain all the steps to Cole. We cooked and cooled the eggs. He kept asking if it was time to color them yet, but he did a good job of waiting until after lunch to do the coloring.

He liked watching the water change colors, and here he is with all the eggs and colors ready to go!
He picked up the eggs and decided what colors they were to go into. I used a spoon to help lower them in so they wouldn't smash into the bottom of the cup. We only had one get slightly cracked when he dropped it against his booster seat.
The first round of eggs were all in the colors, and we were waiting for them to be the perfect colors.
We dyed 9 eggs total, so this was during round two. He got a little disappointed when there weren't enough for eggs for every color the second time around.
Cole with the finished products!
We let them dry while Cole took his nap, and then decorated them with the Monsters U stickers. He did a great job, but lost interest about half way through. There were a lot of stickers though! He wanted to show of his Mike egg!
Here are a few pictures of all the finished eggs!

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