Monday, April 7, 2014

Cole's First Trip to the Dentist

Since Cole turned 3, it was time to make an appointment to see a dentist!  We chose a pediatric dentist recommended by the dentist Tony and I go to.  Cole was pretty excited to go, although he didn't really know what to expect. 

He got to pick out a new toothbrush and got a bag of other teeth brushing goodies. Then he climbed on up in the chair!  He let the hygienist count and look at his teeth. 
He got a little nervous when she layed him back in the chair though. 
He wasn't a fan of the electric toothbrush to clean his teeth. She did a couple teeth and stopped because he got a little worked up. 

He did great when she flossed his teeth, and was really good for the dentist. I think the dentist did a little better job of warming him up and talking to him than the hygienist did though. 
Cole's teeth looked great, and we go back in 6 months for another try. We have to add flossing to our routine, so that should be fun for all!  We are so proud of Cole for doing such a great job! Going to the dentist is such a different experience than he's used to. He's just used to Mom and Dad taking care of his teeth. I think we both have a better idea of what to expect next time too. 

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