Saturday, April 19, 2014

Cate is 3 Months Old!

Our sweet little girl turned 3 months old yesterday! This month hasn't gone by quite as quickly as the other ones, and we are able to enjoy our time with the little miss more and more. We are officially out of the newborn stage and the 24 hour eat/feed/sleep cycle, which has made things seem more back to normal.
Cate has been a great sleeper so far. She's a little more unpredictable with her nights than Cole was at this point. She has great nights, like last night when she slept from 8 PM to 8 AM (and we had to wake her up!) and some not so great nights when she wakes up crying at 3. On average, she's usually up between 6 AM and 7 AM though. During the night, she has also started to break out of her Miracle Blanket, which is part of the reason she will wake up crying. She works hard at it because I lay her down on the right end of her bed and she's all the way at the left with her feet up against the other end in the morning!
Her naps have also gotten better. She will take 2 hour naps 3 times a day. Although, sometimes she wakes up after and hour and cries, but will go back to sleep for another hour in the swing. She usually doesn't take a fourth nap unless we go on a walk or in the car. So she's often up from 4ish until 8, which is a long time for a baby. She's usually just being held by one of us while we are cooking, eating, and playing with Cole because she'll get a little fussy. It's like our family time though.
Cate is still a great eater. She's down to nursing 5 or 6 times a day and obviously gaining weight. :) I can't believe in a month we'll start thinking about starting rice cereal!
Cate started smiling last month, but she has added the laugh! It's hard to get her to do it, but she will! Tony was the first one to get her to laugh, but now she's laughed at Cole and I too. She has also started drooling a lot the past few weeks.
She is wearing size 2 diapers and 3-6 month clothes now. There are a few 3 month clothes she can still wear, but they are getting snug.
She is getting so strong and able to hold her head up so well these days! We've also seen her starting to roll to her side when she's on her back, but I'm sure she won't roll all the way over for a little while.
This is one of my favorites!!
She loves just observing everything that's going on! She loves watching Cole and interacting with him. It's so cute when she smiles at him! She also likes laying on her play mat or blanket, but she's also started to like sitting in the Bumbo for longer periods of time. She loves just being held by her hands to help her sit up too.
The two lovebirds! Cole couldn't miss out on pictures!
Cole took this one of Cate, and I had to include it because this is how her hands are 90% of the time! She has started putting them in her mouth and sucking on them especially when we are holding her up against our shoulder. It's mostly on her hand, not fingers, and she even gets red marks on them!
Here's the Cole Man at 3 months old.
We are enjoying our little Cate Girl so much! We can't believe we are already at 3 months and developing a solid, more predictable routine which makes things a lot easier. We are excited for next month with some travel and family visits coming up soon!

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