Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Long Weekend

This past weekend turned into a three day weekend for Tony. We ended up getting snow again on Sunday into Monday morning. Temperatures were in the single digits with negative windchills. Needless to say, we didn't go anywhere for those two days. 
Tony and Cole did get out to shovel the driveway. One of Cole's airplanes even got lost in the snow!

Since we spent a lot of time inside, we were going through all the toy options. We played games and set up the train track. 
Cate didn't really care about that. She did a lot of sleeping and spitting up. She's going through that phase right now. I'm hoping as she grows in the next few weeks, that will calm down a bit. 
On Saturday, we did get out and went to Cole's friend, Mia's, birthday at the YMCA. The kids just ran around and played and had cupcakes. Cole had a lot of fun and asked to go to Mia's party again on the way home. 
Fist pump for cupcakes!
This was Cate's first party to attend. She slept the entire time in the car seat except when I had to feed her. I'm sure it was a memorable day for her. :)

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