Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Happy 3rd Birthday Cole!

Today our little man turns 3! We can't believe he's getting so big and grown up! We wanted to spend the day doing things Cole loves to do, so we started off with cinnamon rolls for breakfast, which he usually loves...but didn't want to eat today. Go figure! I think he was just too excited to play with all his new toys from his birthday party.
After breakfast, he opened his presents from us. We like to think his main present is the party, so we got him two new planes, some new Crocs for the summer, a Planes puzzle, and two games.
Next up was preschool bounce time at Bounce U, where they have a bunch of inflatables and the kids just run around crazy. He loves going there, and we don't do it very often. Tony took off work today to spend time with Cole, and Janet and David met us at Bounce U.
First stop was the slide and some "jet packing" (aka running around with his arms back).
Cate hung out and slept the whole time amongst all the screaming and music in there.
Cole Man bounced on these little cows.
He loved going through the obstacle course...
And shooting balls at the targets.
Then we left Bounce U to get some lunch at Cole's choice, Chick-fil-a. He even got to play on the playground for a little bit.
He was one tired man after all that! We are planning on just having a low key dinner at home tonight and a few cupcakes from one of our favorite places, Not Your Grandma's Cupcakes. Cole goes for his 3 year check up next week, so I'll wait and do his other update then. Happy Birthday Cole!!!

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