Friday, March 21, 2014

Cole's 3rd Birthday Party

We celebrated Cole's birthday with a PLANES/ice cream sundae party on March 15th. We decided to do the weekend before his birthday since my parents would be able to make it, before they went to Stacy's next few golf tournaments. I really wanted to do the ice cream sundae theme, and the PLANES stuff got added on because Tony didn't think Cole would really care about a bunch of ice cream decorations. :) He was probably right with that one!

We had our kitchen table set up with food and the ice cream toppings for later. We had hummus with veggies and pita chips, fruit skewers, and chips with salsa and queso.

We got Cole's cake from Reasor's (a local grocery store), and I made the ice cream and happy birthday banners out of scrapbook papers.

Cate hung out with Nina and Pop Pop a lot during the party. She also slept in her swing for a little while.

First, everyone had some snacks. While the adults were still eating, the boys went off and played. Cole kept closing the doors to the office and his room when they were in there playing...stay out Mom and Dad, I'm with my friends. :)

Then, we got them all together to play a round of PLANES Bingo. I just got pictures of a bunch of characters online, and made little Bingo cards. I was impressed that they all played and had fun with it!

Cole was begging to open his presents, so we did that next. All the boys wanted to help out and couldn't wait to see what he got that they could all play with!

Next up was cake! We all sang "Happy Birthday" while Cole looked around with the straightest face. It was too cute! Then when everyone was done, he goes "Thank you!!". When someone would tell him "Happy Birthday", we would say it right back to them too. :)
He did a great job blowing out his own candles this at a time!

Everyone had some cake and their ice cream sundae's. Cole had no trouble with his chocolate cake and chocolate ice cream with chocolate sprinkles!
We saved the best activity for last! We bought a Dusty piñata and filled it with suckers, flavored Tootsie Rolls, little rubber ducks, and bouncy balls.
It was a pull string piñata, so each kid grabbed a string and pulled until the bottom popped open!
The sucker stems kind of blocked up the hole at the bottoms, so Tony had to help it out a little bit. For a second, they all just stood there watching everything come out. I think some of them were screaming and jumping with excitement before they realized they got to pick up whatever they wanted!

Cole ended up with 6 of the 8 rubber ducks and a bunch of suckers. The boy knew what he wanted!
All the boys had a little more time to play together before it was time for everyone to go. We found them all in Cole's room with a bunch of sucker wrappers in the trash!
After all his friends left, Cole wanted to try out his new scooter from Nina and Pop Pop! He loves putting on his helmet, and he did pretty good for his first time on there. It was easier going up our street than down it since its a pretty good incline, so Tony helped him out a little bit too.

Once he gets comfortable on there, I'm sure he's going to be buzzing all round the neighborhood and riding it to the park.

This was such a fun birthday party! It's really neat to see Cole actually playing and interacting with other kids at this age. His last party, he was young enough where they all just played alongside or around each other. He was genuinely excited about his party and seeing his friends. He even woke up early from his nap, and said "Are my friends here yet?" and waited by the front window for them to get to our house. We all had a great time, really, and appreciated everyone coming to celebrate with us!

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