Monday, March 31, 2014

Cole's 3 Year Update

We finally made it to the doctor for Cole's 3 year check up last week. I think with Spring Break being the week of his birthday, it's harder to get an appointment. He checked in at 37.5 pounds (93%) and 39.6 inches (91%). He's still tall and thin even though his weight is in the upper percentages.
His appointment was awesome! Tony and I were almost crying he was cracking us up so much! Cole is a talker...he literally never stops talking and just goes from one thing to the next. So, he was the one answering all the doctors questions about what he could do and showed off his jumping, balancing, and toe touching. He even did some counting and joke telling. It was pure entertainment!
It's hard to think back over this year as to how much he has changed, but it's really been that he's just gotten better and more frequent with all of his skills. Some new things as of late have been: working on his coloring and "writing" (using a crayon to make lines and trace shapes, things like that), napping without a pull up, taking off his own clothes (not always at appropriate times!), taking off shoes and socks, talking up a storm, playing creatively on his own, playing and interacting with other kids, to name a few things.
Some of his favorite foods are mac & cheese, peanut butter sandwiches, apples, applesauce, strawberries, chicken, fries, and sweets of all kinds. He drinks mostly milk and water but has the occasional juice.
He is still a great sleeper! He goes to be around 8 PM and sleeps until 7 AM. He sometimes has trouble going to sleep and we have to put him back in bed several times, but once he goes to sleep, he's usually good until the morning. He still takes one nap a day for about 3 hours, usually from 1 PM until 4 PM.
Cole loves playing with cars, airplanes, trucks, Legos, train tracks, playing outside, taking walks, and playing at the park. Some of his favorite shows/movies are Planes, Cars, Finding Nemo, Octonauts, and Sheriff Callie's Wild West. Some of his favorite books are the Piggie & Elephant series from the library, stories from the "Big McQueen Book", and many others! We have a ton of books, so he gets on a kick with one book and we'll read it a ton, and then he'll do the same to another book.
Just in the past few months, he's started to seem so much older, and not as dependent on us for everything. He wants to do a lot of things himself and tell us what to do! For as fun and entertaining as it is, it can be a little frustrating sometimes when our ideas of what's going to happen don't match up. :) However, this has been one of our favorite ages so far! He's still sweet and loving and thinks we're "the best or sweetest mom/dad ever" and has so much personality and excitement about everything!
Happy Birthday Cole Man!! We love you and are so excited to see you grow and learn new things every day!

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