Friday, February 7, 2014

Sister Time

Well I guess I should say "Aunt Stace" time since Cole is obcessed with her!  Stacy came to visit us last weekend to meet Cate before her crazy season gets started. She made it on Thursday night despite all the craziness in the Atlanta airport. (Unfortunately her bags didn't make it here until Sunday when we got a bunch of snow!  It all worked out though. Good thing we can share clothes!)

On Friday, Stacy and I left the house very early to go to my old school, East Intermediate, to do a little appearance to thank Stacy for the contributions she made at the beginning of the school year. She talked to the Dads who come for Dynamic Dads once a month and was thanked by the principal and superintendent. 
She chatted with the girls golf team. 
Signed some autographs. 
And went around to a few other classrooms. 
It was a fun time and I'm so glad I was able to go with her!  I love seeing her talking about golf and interacting with the kids. 

The rest of the time, we really just hung out at home. We did take Cole and Cate to PB Kids so Cole could play with the toys. Haha!  Cheap entertainment when it's 20 degrees outside!  Good thing Stacy takes her downtime seriously and doesn't mind just hanging out. 

Here she is doing her job as Aunt Stace!

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