Monday, February 3, 2014

Another Snow Day

Yesterday we got another winter storm and several inches of snow!  Luckily there wasn't much ice along with it and the roads have melted well today with the temps being above freezing for one day before we have the chance if more snow tomorrow. 

When Cole saw the flakes coming down, he could not wait to get outside and play!  He had his snow plow truck out helping clear the yard. 

We threw a few snow balls and you can see him standing in his snow angel. 
He also helped Tony shovel the sidewalk, and he actually did a pretty good job!  Cole loves playing in the snow. I just wish we would have gotten him some boot and snow pants to make it a little easier to get him dressed to play. Maybe next time we will get it right and get him the proper gear for a year when we actually get a good amount of snow again. 

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