Thursday, January 16, 2014

Tulsa Air and Space Museum Visit

We are trying to take advantage of our last week of only child-ness for the Cole Man. We did the park Monday and library Tuesday.  Then we wanted to do something else Wednesday, but it was kind of chilly in the morning. So we decided on an indoor activity that we'd never done before. We visited the Tulsa Air and Space Museum. 

The cost was $12 for adults and free for 3 and under, including planetarium tickets. 

The American Airlines plane outside the museum immediately made Cole excited!
They are refurbishing the plane and it's not open to the public just yet. The lady inside told us it would be open in the spring to tour the inside. We've been on tons if planes, but Cole still really wanted to go in there!

The big yellow plane that looked like Leadbottom (from Planes)!  "He has a screw loose" Cole says. 
Checking out all the switches and buttons in the airplane. I think he went back to sit in there five times or so!

Checking out the F-14 fighter plane. It looked like Bravo and Echo (from Planes) he thought. 
Working in his pilot skills. 
The little astronaut!
Playing the "video game" trying to fly an airplane. There were lots of crashes by both of us. 

Cole got to do the mission control switches to launch the space shuttle. 
We visited the planetarium, but didn't quite make it through the whole show. It was hard for him to understand and a lot of talking. But he thought it was cool at first with all the lights. 
We went back into the museum to sit in the airplanes again before we left. 
We spent about an hour and a half at the museum including the plantarium show. The museum is pretty small, but they did have some fun things for Cole to do, and I'm sure it didn't seem small to him. It's definitely not big enough to do all the time and feel like you're seeing or doing something different, but for a kid who is into airplanes at the moment, it was fun to see him get excited about all of it. I'd say it's kid friendly although Cole was the only kid there yesterday. Lots to look at and big open spaces to view the planes. The kids area upstairs was kind of weak and not very interesting to a 2 year old besides the video game. 

Overall we had a great time though!  I always love to hear what sticks with him enough to tell Daddy about. This time it was Leadbottom with the screw loose, the flying game, and launching the shuttle. 

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