Sunday, January 5, 2014

Other Texas Pics

Here are a bunch of other pictures from the time we were in The Woodlands for our Christmas visit...
Cole and Nina built a huge Lego tower...which Cole knocked down shortly after this celebration. 
Cole was doing some work on Pop Pop's computer. Glasses and all. He was serious about it too. 
We had to make HEB and Trader Joes runs!
All of us girls went to get pedicures done. My Mom was there too, but there were only three seats together. We all had fancy toes for Christmas!
Some golfing was done in the backyard by the little golf pro. 
Cole couldn't pass up a chance to go swimming!  My parents just heated up the spa because it was pretty chilly outside. 
We made Trader Joes chocolate croissants on Christmas Eve morning. They are so delicious!!
Cole also got a play kitchen (from IKEA) from us. We waited to put it together once we got back home. 
I think he likes it so far!  Cole's specialty is soup right now. He also got some food sets from Nina and Pop Pop and a cool apron from Janet and David. 

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