Friday, January 10, 2014

Christmas Day 2013

Christmas Day this year with Cole was really fun! He's starting to understand what it's all about and had actually come up with two things he wanted from Santa (PLANES movie and a monster truck). Tony and I were able to go out shopping together on Sunday to Toys R Us which was also really fun because we usually just do a bunch of online shopping, which we did, but also wanted to pick some things out together for the Cole Man.

Cole woke up around his usual time, and we had to remind him that it was Christmas. :) He then went around the rest of the house waking everyone else up too. We do stockings first at our house, so we let Cole open his stocking presents while everyone was making their way to the family room. One of his favorite things has been the harmonica!
We got a picture of Cole in front of the tree before we started passing out presents.
Then we got into all those gifts! Cole had a ton of things to open and loved it! He was funny when he opened something like clothes and just tossed it at me, like this isn't exciting. Haha! We figure we need to come up with a better system next year and maybe let Cole do all his presents and then go play, and then let the rest of us do ours so we can actually see what each other got. We didn't think that through enough this year.
We spent most of the day in PJ's and playing with Cole and his new toys! It was great family time and just relaxing. It was also fun having a new brother-in-law there for all the festivities!

Later in the day, my friend Tori (who now lives in Alabama) was visiting her family for one over lapping day with our luckily they came over and visited on Christmas Day in the afternoon. Cole and Lukas always have so much fun together! I wish we lived closer to them! Both boys were all about the airplanes, cars, and the remote control car that drives on the wall (that came from Aunt Tay Tay)!
We had Christmas dinner as a family and watched PLANES afterwards. Cole had been waiting all day! I don't think anyone else had seen it besides us, so hopefully they enjoyed it too. We had another special treat when Tony's parents came over after getting back into town that evening. They came straight from the airport to visit and have cookies for dessert. We usually don't see them at all around Christmas, but this time we got to see them several times before and after they went to Tulsa to see the other kids.

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