Thursday, January 30, 2014

Cate Ann Is Here!

I haven't written in awhile because we've been a little busy around here! Cate decided to come a few days early on Saturday, January 18th. Two days ahead of her due date.
The three of us went out to dinner on Friday night and decided to go to Charleston's. We joked that maybe she would come on Saturday because we went to dinner there the night before Cole was born too. Cole's was a scheduled induction though, but we figured she really wouldn't come until after her due date. Our family dinner date must have done the trick though! I was having a few contractions that evening, but nothing out of the ordinary and figured they would go away when I went to bed, and they did for awhile. However, I woke up at 2 AM with contractions again, and this was not normal. I'd never woken up with them before. So I started looking at the clock whenever I had one just to see if they were regular and how far apart they were. Sure enough, they were about 15 minutes apart for a few hours. They weren't very painful though, but I wasn't really getting much sleep. So, at 6 AM I woke Tony up and told him I was having contractions and couldn't sleep and I was going to lay on the couch and watch TV. He got up an hour or so later. By then the contractions were about 10 minutes apart, still not painful, but regular. We called my Mom, woke her up, and told her she probably wanted to start driving to our house. I also called the hospital, and they told me not to come in until the contractions were 5 minutes apart. So we spent the rest of the day just waiting. We did go to the grocery store and Tony went for a run early in the morning. The contractions stayed about the same for a few hours, but got a little closer together, like 7-9 minutes apart. We put Cole down for his nap at 1:00 and shortly after that, the contractions started to get more intense. I was having to breathe through them and would have to stand still or sit down. They still did not get any closer together though. So we figured we still had some time. By the time my Mom was an hour away, I told Tony that I thought we needed to leave as soon as she got here. It was just getting too painful to stay at home and wait. By some miracle, my Mom made it to our house by 3:45, Cole was up from his nap, and we were out the door to the hospital by 4:00. We were so happy that my Mom would be there to take care of Cole and we didn't have to worry about sending him off with someone else.

We got to the hospital, checked in, and went to the area where they check to see if you are in fact in labor. I was thinking if they say I'm not far enough dilated, it's going to be really disappointing because these contractions were not feeling good. Luckily, I was already dilated to 6 cm and she said my water was right there ready to break. Good thing it hadn't already! The nurse had to draw my blood to check my platelet levels because they had gotten below normal. This would determine if I could get an epidural. Thankfully, they came back higher than they had been throughout my pregnancy, and were in the normal range. I also tested positive for GBS, so they had to start antibiotics right away. I guess they like to get four hours worth of antibiotics, but the nurse said she didn't think that was going to happen with how far into labor I was. I think I ended up with two hours worth of it though.

So they took us right back to a labor room after all that. The contractions were definitely getting stronger, and I was hoping I could get the epidural soon. The anesthesiologist came right away to do the epidural, and I was already dilated to 8 cm by then. The doctor decided to break my water even though I hadn't had the four hours of antibiotic because she felt it wouldn't benefit the baby to stay in this far into labor. All of this happened very quickly. During this time Tony had left to meet my Mom and Cole, and came back to find out that a lot had happened. We visited with my Mom and Cole for about an hour. Then around 7 PM, we told them they should go get something to eat because we didn't know how long it was going to be. I guess right after they left the room, Cole was very adamant about not leaving the hospital. So they found some vending machine food to hold them over. Right after they left, I told Tony I didn't feel very good and he went to get the nurse. When she came in, she checked to see how much I had dilated because sometimes you can feel different when it's time. She sounded very surprised, when she's time to have this baby! So all the activity started, getting the room ready, and doctors and nurses there. I pushed through three contractions, and she was born at 7:39 PM! She weighed 8 pounds 3 ounces and was 21 1/4 inches long. The time at the hospital had flown by because we stayed at home for so long! The timing could not have been better, and our minds were at ease because Cole was taken care of.
Although, I didn't think being induced was a bad experience and I wasn't in as much pain because I had an epidural earlier on, I felt so much more with it during this delivery without the extra medicines. I remember so much more too, but that's probably because I knew more of what to expect. We were excited that Cate was able to lay on me right away and for a long time too. Cole had some trouble coming out and needed to be taken care of by nurses at first. So, that was also different.

My Mom and Cole could not believe that in the time they were gone, we were having the baby already! So, they were able to come in once everything was all settled and meet Cate. Cole also got a few big brother presents. He was a big fan of all of those that he kept getting!

We stayed in the labor room for a few hours to let the epidural start to run out. It was after 10 PM by the time we changed rooms and were able to have something to eat and try to get some sleep for the night. The first night in the hospital is the worst! So many people coming to check on you and bringing the baby in and out for feedings. Not much sleep is going on! We spent all day Sunday hanging out. Cole and my Mom came up for lunch and then again at dinner time. He brought some toys for Cate that he wanted to show her and share with her.

Here's the sweetest thing...Cole holding Cate for the first time. He is so sweet with her and loves to give her kisses.

We also took our first family of four picture before Cole left for the night.

We knew we were going to be able to go home on Monday, but weren't sure if we would have to stay the full 48 hours, which would mean until 7:45 or so, or if we could go earlier. It all depended on what the pediatrician said. All of Cate's test for GBS and other things came back perfect, so we were able to leave earlier than expected. It was about 1 PM by the time we finally got everything together and ready to go. We were so ready to get home!

Cole helped push Cate to the nursery one last time for check out.

We got home, had lunch, nap time, and just hung out for the rest of the afternoon and evening. My Mom would be staying the rest of the week with my Dad coming on Thursday night. We made it though our first night pretty well. I think everyone was really tired and just happy to be home.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Tulsa Air and Space Museum Visit

We are trying to take advantage of our last week of only child-ness for the Cole Man. We did the park Monday and library Tuesday.  Then we wanted to do something else Wednesday, but it was kind of chilly in the morning. So we decided on an indoor activity that we'd never done before. We visited the Tulsa Air and Space Museum. 

The cost was $12 for adults and free for 3 and under, including planetarium tickets. 

The American Airlines plane outside the museum immediately made Cole excited!
They are refurbishing the plane and it's not open to the public just yet. The lady inside told us it would be open in the spring to tour the inside. We've been on tons if planes, but Cole still really wanted to go in there!

The big yellow plane that looked like Leadbottom (from Planes)!  "He has a screw loose" Cole says. 
Checking out all the switches and buttons in the airplane. I think he went back to sit in there five times or so!

Checking out the F-14 fighter plane. It looked like Bravo and Echo (from Planes) he thought. 
Working in his pilot skills. 
The little astronaut!
Playing the "video game" trying to fly an airplane. There were lots of crashes by both of us. 

Cole got to do the mission control switches to launch the space shuttle. 
We visited the planetarium, but didn't quite make it through the whole show. It was hard for him to understand and a lot of talking. But he thought it was cool at first with all the lights. 
We went back into the museum to sit in the airplanes again before we left. 
We spent about an hour and a half at the museum including the plantarium show. The museum is pretty small, but they did have some fun things for Cole to do, and I'm sure it didn't seem small to him. It's definitely not big enough to do all the time and feel like you're seeing or doing something different, but for a kid who is into airplanes at the moment, it was fun to see him get excited about all of it. I'd say it's kid friendly although Cole was the only kid there yesterday. Lots to look at and big open spaces to view the planes. The kids area upstairs was kind of weak and not very interesting to a 2 year old besides the video game. 

Overall we had a great time though!  I always love to hear what sticks with him enough to tell Daddy about. This time it was Leadbottom with the screw loose, the flying game, and launching the shuttle. 

Monday, January 13, 2014

Cute As a Button Shower

Two of my sweet friends, Catrina and Caroline, wanted to throw us a little baby girl shower to celebrate our newest addition to the family. We decided on a date after the holidays, January 4th (Saturday), which turned out to be a day before a snow and super cold weather and almost 38 weeks along. So we hoped that all would be good and we could have the baby shower, and it worked out perfectly! No snow and no baby yet!
They decided on a "Cute as a Button" theme in our nursery colors, which turned out super cute! The girls made most of the food and d├ęcor, but did have cupcakes from Merritts (a favorite around here!).
The girls decided to invite couples since a lot of our friends here are Tony's friends too, and a lot of our friends brought their little ones so Cole had lots of fun and kids to play with. Here are the kids having a good old time!
In addition to friends, my Mom and Dad came in town for the weekend. We had fun hanging out with them as always! We had just seen them in Houston not long ago and they will be back when the little girl arrives soon.
Cole and Owen got into watching part of a movie and playing so much that they didn't even eat a cupcake! So they each had to have one before Owen had to go home. They were cracking us up with their HUGE bites!
We ended up having probably 20 or so friends/family here for the baby shower. It was really special and fun to see everyone excited to meet our little girl too! I've kind of missed out on some of that staying home this year...Cole is only sometimes excited about Baby Sister. :) We were blessed with lots of girl clothes, which we need if their poor thing wants to look like a, flowers, bows, diapers, burp clothes, a sit & stand name a few. We had a great time visiting with friends and celebrating our little girl who will be here soon! Due date is 7 days away!

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