Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy New Year!

We've decided to make a little family tradition of going out to eat on New Years Eve. We've tried to go to places that are a little nicer than our usual spots. We decided to go to Red Rock Canyon Grill, one of our favorite places in Tulsa, this year. 
The restaurant can be pretty busy, so we made sure to make it an early dinner and got there at 5 PM. We got a table right away!  The kids were a little testy before we left, but they were great at dinner!  They shared a mac and cheese.  Tony and I were able to get our favorites too. 
We will all be in bed come midnight, but we had our own early celebration that was just right for us!  Cheers to 2015!!

Friday, December 19, 2014

Cate - 11 Months

We celebrated Cate's 11 Month birthday yesterday! Actually Tony and I went out for a work dinner party, but Uma treated Cate to a little gingerbread cookie for her birthday. We can't believe we are one month away from her 1st birthday!
Cole had to take a picture with his little sis. He loves giving her hugs and kisses, although sometimes a little rough with his affections, but he's learning.
Our little miss is all smiles these days! She's started to get more involved in playing and just laughing all the time. It's very entertaining for us. Cole loves it too, except when she's going after his toys! Cate also said her first word, other than ma ma and da da sounds. She says "uh oh", and it is so cute in her little baby voice! She will repeat it after one of us says it too, so I think that definitely counts as a word.
Cate is wearing 6-12 month or 12-18 month clothes. She's going to be getting some bigger sizes for Christmas which is what she needs the most. She's also wearing size 4 diapers still. Her schedule has been pretty much the same as previous months, so not much to report there.

She has stopped eating baby food and is eating all table foods now! We just went for it one night and she ate enough to fill herself up and even ate fruits and veggies. Since then she's only gotten better and better with picking up different textures and sizes of foods. We haven't come across anything she doesn't like yet! It's been really nice to feed her the same thing I'm making for Cole for lunch or what the rest of us are eating for dinner. We can't believe how quickly she's taken to this since it took her so long to eat a significant amount of baby food.
One of Cate's newest tricks is standing up all by herself! She's been cruising along the furniture for awhile, but just started to let go one day. She loves standing and gets so excited by it. She also loves "walking" around holding on to our hands.

She's definitely at the stage where she's starting to get into everything! She's learned how to open kitchen and bathroom cabinets and drawers. She will pull clothes out of our dressers, laughing all the while. She also LOVES music! She is a dancer! She bobs her head, shakes her body side to side, and waves her hand in the air. It is awesome and hilarious because she gets so into it! Her favorite song is "Shake it Off" by Taylor Swift...taking after mister Cole there too! (Probably because it gets played so often!) She even dances in her car seat.
We know her personality is only going to come out more and more over the next few months! We are getting to a really fun age in that respect, but also tiring because she's going to be all over the place very, very soon once she starts walking! We already have to keep an extra eye on her. She is just a little sweetie and we couldn't love her more!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Visiting Santa

Last weekend, we continued out tradition of visiting Santa at our Forest Ridge community event. We let Cole sit on Santa's lap first so he could tell Santa what he wanted for Christmas. He said Legos and a "Todd car" from this Cars racing game he's into these days. I've never seen Todd at the store, so that one might be a little tricky, but we aren't giving up yet!
Then we got Cate up there with Cole, and the poor girl was crying from the very beginning. She was not into Santa!
We never experienced the crying Santa picture with Cole because we didn't take him to see Santa his first Christmas. Hopefully, Cate will be ok with it next year when she's a little older.

We stayed for a little bit after sitting on Santa's lap and had donuts, coffee, and juice. I didn't get any pictures because I was too busy trying to keep the black frosting from the snowman donut Cole picked out off his face and keeping track of Cate who wanted to eat donuts (little pieces) and "walk" around the place (holding hands). Both of our neighbors with little ones went at the same time as us, so we all sat at a table together and visited. It was fun to go with some other families this year!

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Weekly Update

We've been trying to get all of our Christmas shopping done this week, but we still had some time to enjoy the little bit warmer weather with a trip to the park. 

We also went to walk to light display at Rhema (a church here). We ate dinner at Hideaway Pizza beforehand too. The kids loved the lights!  Cole's favorite was the bridge with the tunnel of lights and music. 

Then truly out of character, we went out to dinner the next night to Los Cabos and then over to Bass Pro Shops to look at the Christmas decorations and toys. 

On Friday our community group girls got together for a kids craft and play date. Cate actually did some painting!  Cole was only interested in frosting the cookies. 

Tony and I went to his work Christmas party while Uma and Sean watched Cole and Cate. So we all had a fun time doing something a little different on a Friday night. 

Thursday, December 4, 2014

The Perfect Tree

Last Saturday morning, we visited our go-to Christmas Tree farm in Owasso to pick out our tree. We had breakfast at Chick-fil-a before we headed out too. The weather was great, a little windy, but definitely not as cold as it has been in years past.

Cole was doing all kinds of funny things while we were looking for our tree. Here's his "hook em horns" in the Arkansas t-shirt!
Then he's doing his Spiderman web hand thing with Cate and me.
We picked a noble fir that's about 7-8 feet tall, just like we always do! We know what we are looking for! This one is perfectly full and barely needed trimming when we got home!
Then we walked around the rows of trees that they grow at the farm and took a few pictures together.
And we actually got some really cute ones of the kids, who were both cooperating at the same time. We couldn't believe it!
Then we moved to a place that was too sunny.
And then an airplane flew by.
Oh well! They are still too cute!

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Sunny Florida Thanksgiving

We traveled to Florida for Thanksgiving week again this year. My parents and Stacy were already there for Stacy's end of the year tournament, so we flew out there on Sunday to meet up with them at Stacy's house. We stayed until Friday and really just spent a lot of time relaxing and doing a few fun things together...with a little ear infection for Cate thrown in. This should have been our first clue...
She just curled up and slept for both flights. I told Tony, "The only time Cole ever did this was when he was sick. I hope she's not sick." Well, she was. When we got to the Atlanta airport, she was running a fever. We were hoping it was just teething and gave her some medicine when we got to Stacy's and put her to bed.

The next day, everyone slept in (bonus of traveling to east coast time!). We ran to Target to get a few things, and Cole got a little Lego kit that he worked on with Stacy and my Dad a few times too.

We went to a place called Dune Dog for lunch and ate outside. I think everyone loved it. Cole keeps talking about his "chicken giggles" he got and the tattoo that Stacy messed up while trying to put it on him. She forgot to take off the plastic, so we had to buy a second one! The kids sat in this old car they had outside the restaurant while we were waiting.
The girls side.
The boys side.
After that we took Stacy's paddleboard out to the intercoastal waterway. Poor Cate still had a fever this morning, and it kept coming back after the medicine would wear off. She was a trooper and sat in the shade with me for awhile while we watched everyone paddleboard, but Tony and I took her home early while everyone else stayed and enjoyed the beach a little longer.
Stacy took Cole out first. He loved it!!
Tony went next and said it was a good leg workout!
My Mom was after him. She had paddleboarded before in Hawaii. So she knew what she was doing.
I went by myself for a little bit, and then for a little bit with Cole on board. I had a little trouble turning around. It took me like three tries! Haha! Everyone joked that they thought I was going to get stuck, but I wasn't worried! The water was pretty shallow!
Pop Pop and the Cate Girl enjoying the beach.
Cate slept a ton this day, and then it all went downhill on Monday night. She woke up during the night and threw up a little bit and was just burning up. Her temp was 103. We even called our pediatrician after we couldn't find a 24 hour urgent care to take her to. We ended up just giving her some more medicine, but she fell asleep with me while we were waiting for Tony to get back from the pharmacy.
After that eventful night, we knew we were going to take her to a pediatric urgent care in the morning. We all slept pretty late again after being up in the middle of the night, but we found a place to take her to soon after we were up. Her temp was super high again, around 103, and they wanted to get some medicine in her ASAP. We were worried about her throwing up again, but she never did. She kept the medicine down and it really helped the fever again. We did find out that she had an ear infection. They also did a test for the flu, which came back negative. The urgent care was actually really helpful. They took their time and really wanted to make sure she was going to keep the medicines down, would nurse and keep that down, and didn't have anything else going on besides the ear infection. They didn't just diagnose and run us out the door, which I appreciated. We were there for 2 hours though! I'm so glad my Mom came with me too!
While we did the doctor visit, the boys and Stacy went to play golf at Stacy's course where she plays/practices. I hoped that Cole could make it 18 holes with them, so he could have a good time and not sit at the doctors with us. What was I worried about? He had the time of his life! Playing golf was one of his favorite things from the trip!
He struck a pose on the bridge.
He got to have lunch out at the course.
He loved riding in the cart with his #1 Stace. Apparently he even made a really long (15 ft?) putt on one hole! He keeps talking about that too. :)

On Wednesday, it was a little rainy, so we decided to go to the mall for awhile. Cole got a Batman Build a Bear from Stacy which he named Brewster! Cole and Pop Pop also had matching shirts...what are the odds!
On Thanksgiving day, we ate dinner around 3 PM out at Stacy's course like we did last year. We actually enjoy the fact that none of us have to cook or clean up! The food is delicious too! Cole also loves that he can hit a few more balls with Stace.

Cate was starting to feel a little bit better. She was still pretty fussy at times, but her fever had gone away. She had a few days of antibiotics by this time too.
Cate loved hanging out with Daddy during the meal. She actually ate a few crackers, so we knew her appetite was coming back a little bit too.
And a group photo after dinner!
This was honestly a pretty exhausting trip with Cate, but that's what you get sometimes when you have kids, I guess. We've really been lucky and never had a sick kid when we've traveled before, and I'm ok if it doesn't happen again! It's just hard for them to not be feeling well and to be away from all the conveniences and familiarity of home. I was glad that there were so many of us that we could split up and still have moments of a normal trip and make sure that Cole still had a good time too. We definitely had a lot of family time and time just relaxing around Stacy's house, which was fun too.

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