Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Thanksgiving Trip

After our day at Disney World, we left to go to Stacy's house in Palm Beach Gardens which was a little over 2 hours away. We spent the rest of the week at her house just relaxing and enjoying the nice weather and time together. On Wednesday, my Dad, Tony, and Stacy went to play golf at the course that Stacy practices. Afterwards, my Mom and I took Cole out there so he would do some putting. He's obsessed with his new clubs that Stacy got him, and he's getting pretty good!

He also got to hit the driver and some irons on the driving range.

*Oh and Tony was super excited that Michael Jordan was playing in the group ahead of them!

We went to dinner after the golf outing and then made some egg casserole from breakfast on Thanksgiving morning.
We decided to do dinner at the golf course where Stacy's a member because it was just going to be easier for everyone. Stacy doesn't have all the turkey day meal tools and we were all leaving the following day and wouldn't have time to eat the leftovers. And we would have had to do all the shopping the day before since no one had been at Stacy's house in 3 weeks. So convenience won out and it was great! We had such a relaxing day and didn't have to worry about cooking. The food we got at the club's restaurant was delicious on top of that.

I don't think we've ever done this before...went to the beach on Thanksgiving Day.
Cole and Tay Tay did some running in the waves.

Then the pants and shirt started to get a little wet and then completely soaked!
So we just went for the underwear from there!

He was running, laughing, and screaming the whole time. It was hilarious, and he had the best time!
Getting warmed up with Tay Tay.
I didn't get a group pic of everyone dressed up for dinner, but I did get the Cole Man and Daddy hanging out before we left.
We had no dishes or cleaning up to do, so we spent the rest of the night playing with Cole and watching football. Most of us were leaving later on Friday, so my Mom and I did a little Black Friday shopping around 9:30 am which worked out great because we got there before it got super busy and were done in about an hour. Neither of us are very fond of shopping with the crowds, but we got a few good deals. We left around 4:30 in the afternoon and were on the same flight as Stacy to Atlanta. After that she was going to Dubai for one more event this week. It was nice because we got to have dinner with her in the airport Cole got a little extra Tay Tay time. My parent's left early Saturday morning too and we were all off to our different places again!

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