Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Hey Santa!

On Saturday, last weekend, we took Cole to visit Santa! Our neighborhood clubhouse has Santa come for a few hours to see the kids in the neighborhood. It's so nice that it's low key and convenient! Cole was so excited, he walked right up to Santa and in front of the other kids waiting in line. :) So, we grabbed him and stood in line for a few minutes before he got to go back up to see him after the other kids were done.
Cole told Santa what he wanted for Christmas...and even went back up later to tell him what Mommy and Daddy wanted. Haha! Who knows what he told him!
Here's Cole with Santa last year. I can't get over how much older he looks this year!

Cole also got to pick a little present from the baskets. He ended up with a snowman notepad and pencil.

Then it was time for the real reason we visit Santa here...the donuts! :)

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Early Christmas at Home

We won't be at our house for Christmas Day, so last weekend we opened presents from Tony's parents (Cole's Uma & Opa) to enjoy a little bit of that at home.

Cole posed for a few pictures in front of the tree before we started.

He is totally into Christmas this year! He has mastered opening presents and understands what it's all giving (well, maybe more the gift getting, but we're working on that!) and that it's baby Jesus' birthday! Pretty different than last year, that's for sure.
He was excited to get into all his presents from Uma and Opa, and he wasn't disappointed. He got a lot of great stuff from them!
He was pumped about quite a few new books. We've been reading them ever since!

He got some clothes, PJs, sheets for his new big boy bed, and I think his favorite by far...Joey. Joey is by Melissa & Doug and is a wooden boy that you can dress up in a ton of different ways...policeman, fireman, pirate, knight, superhero, etc with magnetic outfits. Cole has loved playing with it! He sits on the kitchen floor with Joey while we're making dinner. :)
Thanks Uma & Opa!!

Monday, December 16, 2013

Gingerbread Train

Cole and I picked up a gingerbread train to decorate at the grocery store a few weeks ago, and finally got some time to get it out last week. We just used the icing and candy that came with the kit. I put out some M&M's too, but I don't think any of them made it onto the train. They all ended up in Cole's mouth!
I iced the pieces together and then let Cole put the candies on there. The icing was in a packet, so I put globs on there wherever he wanted.

He was into it for awhile, but needed some help finishing it up. So we switched over to him telling me where he wanted candies, and me putting them on there. Haha. Maybe next year we'll just do a simple house instead. :)
The finished product.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Santa & Snow

We had our first visit with Santa for the season. He was at library story time on Tuesday. Cole got very shy talking to him and wouldn't really get very close to him. 
He did tell Santa that he wants the PLANES movie for Christmas before he ran away!
Hoping to get some better pictures with Santa this weekend!

Later in the day, the sun had finally come out and started melting some of the ice and snow off the roads. So Cole and I took a walk down to the park to play for a little bit. 
We were freezing by the time we got home though!!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Hard Being A Kid

Sometimes you just have to lay down in all your toys and take a break!

Games, Cars, and Pizza

Cole had his first play date at Chuck E Cheese yesterday. We went with two other kiddos for lunch and games. Cole liked riding the different cars the best. 

He also found a few games that he thought were fun. He ended up with 70 tickets and the nice girl working let him get a 400 ticket Finn McMissile car. The little charmer. :)

Once all the tokens ran out, Cole finally decided to eat some pizza before we left. While I don't think we would go all the time, he did have a lot of fun and it was a good snowy indoor activity to get us out and about. 

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Snowed In

We've had our first major snow in probably two years! We ended up with about 6 inches of snow from Thursday night and all day Friday. We had a lot of sleet/ice before the snow, so there's a good amount of ice under the snow. Tony stayed home from work on Friday, and we've had a nice long weekend with no place to go! We stocked up on groceries and planned on not going anywhere for awhile. It's also been super 20s to single digits at night since Thursday.
This was Cole's first real snow, and probably the earliest snow we've gotten since we've lived here. We kept telling him he was going to wake up to snow and be able to go out and play in it, but I don't think he really knew what we were talking about!

We waited for a break in the heavy snow and took Cole out to play for awhile. We had to bundle up in about 3 layers on top and bottom, multiple gloves and socks, and hats. It was freezing!! Luckily Cole's jacket from last year barely fit him, and did the job.

He absolutely loved it and had a blast! He took his snow plow truck out to do some plowing.

He had a great time just throwing himself into the snow!

He also helped Daddy do some shoveling or bull dozing as Cole liked to say.

This is our street looking all nice and white! Now it's been driven over, iced again, and not quite so pretty anymore!

Our little snowman!

Cole had such a great time, he wanted to go out again on Saturday. So we bundled up again and went out just to play this time. This time there was a little more ice, so he did some slipping and sliding around the driveway thinking it was fun at first. But, he fell too many times, and just wanted to hold my hand. Tony made it out to run. Last time we got a lot of snow, he found a spot on a main road that gets plowed, but isn't very busy with cars and he just runs around those dry spots. I haven't been able to get out and run because I'm not risky slipping on ice what so ever. Unfortunately, they don't do any plowing in the neighborhoods, so it's really the worst part if you want to go anywhere. Once you make it out of there, it's not too bad. Tony took us out to Hideaway for dinner last night. It was the first Cole and I had been out of the house since Thursday morning.

Today, we went out for a few hours to run errands...went to the store, got some lunch, etc. It was nice to get out, but parking lots are icy and those neighborhood streets are tricky. Good thing Tony drives us around. :) I think we have one more day below freezing, and hopefully by Tuesday things will start melting and clearing off. Right now, we can just relax and get things done at home. The snow and cold weather sure does put you in the Christmas spirit though!

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