Friday, November 1, 2013

Trick or Treat

For the first time, Cole decided what he wanted to be for Halloween, and we made it happen. He told us he wanted to be a shark! I found some pictures online, and made his costume out of a sweatshirt and some felt with the handy sewing machine. I made the fin out of cardboard slipped inside a felt pocket and stitched it to the slit through the sweatshirt. I think it turned out super cute if I do say so myself. :) Could be the kid inside the costume too though.

We took some pictures before we started trick or treating.
And he was off! We started with the neighbors on our street that we know.
He got a cool flashlight from Mr. Howard next door, which actually came in really handy.

We continued and went down about 5 other streets in our neighborhood. Cole LOVED it! He walked the whole time, held our hand, and said some of the funniest/cutest things! He kept talking about other kids costumes and what or who was scary.

His treat bag got pretty heavy after awhile, so he had us holding while we walked from house to house and would grab it back to run up to the door to say "trick or treat" when we got there.
He ended up with LOTS of candy! We let him have some right after, and he loved getting to choose whatever he wanted!
We had the best time with him this year! I think we would have kept going, but it was getting kind of late. He wasn't tired at all though. He was ready to get to the next house every time. The weather was perfect! Clear with a cool fall, crisp feeling in the air. It was such a fun night for everyone! We were glad to have my Mom there to join in on the fun too.

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