Saturday, November 16, 2013

Pics from the Week

Cole and I have been in The Woodlands this week and we've been busy!!

We made a trip to IKEA to get some toy storage. Cole cracked us up when he became part of the floor set right when you walk in the door. Drinking tea of course!
Cole and I played at the park one free morning. 

We got out some more old toys that my sisters and I used to play with. These are Fisher Price Little People from the 80s!

We had three days of meeting up with friends. We went to my friend Sarah's house on Wednesday after nap time. She has three kids, and I never saw Cole again until it was time to leave. He had so much fun playing with them.  We met up with Alyssa an her almost 2 year old, Grant, at the park and then went to Market Street to warm up and went to a few stores and had lunch. The boys had fun running around in the big grassy area.  We also saw Sarah again for a little bit this day too, but I forgot to get any pictures with them.  
We also saw Leila, who I taught with here, and her one year old, Bryson and went to play at their house. So we had a few busy mornings. 

Cole and I had Trader Joe's chocolate croissants for breakfast one morning. YUM!!
Last night Janet came in town because she is having a wedding shower here this weekend. We picked her up and went to dinner at the Grotto where her bf, Kelly, and her mom surprised Janet from Atlanta. 
We were at dinner for quite awhile, but Cole did surprisingly well!  It helped that he got exactly what he wanted...chocolate milk and pasta with parmesan.  He was a big boy and ordered it all by himself...right when we sat down. Haha. 

Here he is trying to put the parmesan on his pasta all by himself. He was fascinated by the grater. 
But he is still 2 and was a wild man while we were waiting for our table. He got all his energy out running around and getting "stuck" and "rescued" from the bench. 
We only have one more full day here with plans to go to Janet's shower and to a birthday party for a little bit plus some time just to hang out with the family. 

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