Monday, November 18, 2013

Janet's Newlywed Shower

Saturday was our other big event for our Woodlands trip. We had Janet's newlywed shower with a lot of my mom and David's mom's friends. They did a gift card shower for her since it would be really tough to fly gifts back home. They had a Mexican fiesta theme with tons of great food, cake, and fun games. 
Here's the super cute gift card tree!
Kelly and her mom were her to come to the shower and it was really sweet that they could be there. I know it meant a lot to Janet too. 
We got Janet to pose with the huge ring tree topper which was actually a headband. :)
While us girls were doing the shower thing, Cole and my Dad had a fun time of their own. My Dad took Cole to go putting at the golf course with another mini putter my Dad made and then got lunch at Cole's favorite, Chick-fil-a. 

After the shower, Cole and I made a quick trip to stop at Bryson's (Leila's little guy) first birthday party.  We made it for some gift opening and a cupcake for Cole. Then we rounded out the night with dinner at Black Walnut, one of our favorite Woodlands places!

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