Monday, November 11, 2013

First Woodlands Weekend

Cole and I flew down to Houston together on Saturday morning. We flew Southwest and Cole did a great job for me. He did have lots of snacks on the plane!

My Mom picked us up and we drove back to The Woodlands to meet my Dad for lunch. 
We didn't so much in the afternoon. We got Cole to take a nap (in a real twin bed!!) and my Mom and I got some groceries. 

Our reason for coming the weekend was so that my Mom and I could go to the Nutcracker Market, a Christmas/craft type market that we've gone to since I graduated college. 

We had a great time and did tons of shopping and walking!  We were worn out when we were done!

Cole hung out with Pop Pop all day!  They went to the park, played Legos and cars, ate lunch and napped. 

We went to dinner at Rico's - a Lewis family favorite!

This morning Cole woke up wanting to play Matchbox cars again. :)

He also needed Nina's glasses to fix some of the cars. Haha
Our plan is to spend the week hanging out with my parents and see some friends. Then we will be here for Janet's wedding shower here next weekend!

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