Tuesday, November 19, 2013

31 Week Update

Here we are at 31 weeks! Only 9 more to go...finally in the single digits!
Pregnancy has been going well so far. With lots of traveling, activities, and days with the Cole Man, it has gone by pretty fast. All though, thinking back to being pregnant for things over the summer makes it seem like a long time! I had a hard time with the last 10 weeks with Cole because it seemed to drag on. Maybe it was because it was after the holidays, I was working, it was freezing, and Spring Break (his due date) seemed so far away. This time, it seems like these last 10 weeks are going to go by much faster. We were at my parents last weekend, we are leaving for Thanksgiving, and have plans to go to my parent's for Christmas for a few days (don't tell my doctor!), and will then just have a few short weeks left after all that. We've also had a lot to get ready this time around. In addition to doing a baby girl nursery, we're re-doing some things in Cole's room to move the furniture to the new baby's room. We've painted the nursery and have all of items purchased, although we still need some artwork for the walls, but we haven't been able to set anything up yet. This is because we are painting an old twin bed and dresser (navy) to put into Cole's room. That has taken a lot of paint and time and we are still waiting to let it all dry really well and do a clear coat to finish it off. Once we can set that up for Cole, we will be ready to move the crib and matching dresser in to the nursery. Two months out, we had Cole's nursery almost finished, and now we still have a lot of work to do. It's coming together and moving in the right direction though!

Monday, November 18, 2013


Cole found a small pile of leaves on our way to the park today. :)


Janet's Newlywed Shower

Saturday was our other big event for our Woodlands trip. We had Janet's newlywed shower with a lot of my mom and David's mom's friends. They did a gift card shower for her since it would be really tough to fly gifts back home. They had a Mexican fiesta theme with tons of great food, cake, and fun games. 
Here's the super cute gift card tree!
Kelly and her mom were her to come to the shower and it was really sweet that they could be there. I know it meant a lot to Janet too. 
We got Janet to pose with the huge ring tree topper which was actually a headband. :)
While us girls were doing the shower thing, Cole and my Dad had a fun time of their own. My Dad took Cole to go putting at the golf course with another mini putter my Dad made and then got lunch at Cole's favorite, Chick-fil-a. 

After the shower, Cole and I made a quick trip to stop at Bryson's (Leila's little guy) first birthday party.  We made it for some gift opening and a cupcake for Cole. Then we rounded out the night with dinner at Black Walnut, one of our favorite Woodlands places!

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Pics from the Week

Cole and I have been in The Woodlands this week and we've been busy!!

We made a trip to IKEA to get some toy storage. Cole cracked us up when he became part of the floor set right when you walk in the door. Drinking tea of course!
Cole and I played at the park one free morning. 

We got out some more old toys that my sisters and I used to play with. These are Fisher Price Little People from the 80s!

We had three days of meeting up with friends. We went to my friend Sarah's house on Wednesday after nap time. She has three kids, and I never saw Cole again until it was time to leave. He had so much fun playing with them.  We met up with Alyssa an her almost 2 year old, Grant, at the park and then went to Market Street to warm up and went to a few stores and had lunch. The boys had fun running around in the big grassy area.  We also saw Sarah again for a little bit this day too, but I forgot to get any pictures with them.  
We also saw Leila, who I taught with here, and her one year old, Bryson and went to play at their house. So we had a few busy mornings. 

Cole and I had Trader Joe's chocolate croissants for breakfast one morning. YUM!!
Last night Janet came in town because she is having a wedding shower here this weekend. We picked her up and went to dinner at the Grotto where her bf, Kelly, and her mom surprised Janet from Atlanta. 
We were at dinner for quite awhile, but Cole did surprisingly well!  It helped that he got exactly what he wanted...chocolate milk and pasta with parmesan.  He was a big boy and ordered it all by himself...right when we sat down. Haha. 

Here he is trying to put the parmesan on his pasta all by himself. He was fascinated by the grater. 
But he is still 2 and was a wild man while we were waiting for our table. He got all his energy out running around and getting "stuck" and "rescued" from the bench. 
We only have one more full day here with plans to go to Janet's shower and to a birthday party for a little bit plus some time just to hang out with the family. 

Monday, November 11, 2013

First Woodlands Weekend

Cole and I flew down to Houston together on Saturday morning. We flew Southwest and Cole did a great job for me. He did have lots of snacks on the plane!

My Mom picked us up and we drove back to The Woodlands to meet my Dad for lunch. 
We didn't so much in the afternoon. We got Cole to take a nap (in a real twin bed!!) and my Mom and I got some groceries. 

Our reason for coming the weekend was so that my Mom and I could go to the Nutcracker Market, a Christmas/craft type market that we've gone to since I graduated college. 

We had a great time and did tons of shopping and walking!  We were worn out when we were done!

Cole hung out with Pop Pop all day!  They went to the park, played Legos and cars, ate lunch and napped. 

We went to dinner at Rico's - a Lewis family favorite!

This morning Cole woke up wanting to play Matchbox cars again. :)

He also needed Nina's glasses to fix some of the cars. Haha
Our plan is to spend the week hanging out with my parents and see some friends. Then we will be here for Janet's wedding shower here next weekend!

Monday, November 4, 2013

Busy Weekend

My Mom came to visit on Wednesday of last week and stayed through Monday morning, and my Dad came on Friday. We had lots of things we needed their help with in getting things ready for baby sister. My Mom and I did tons of shopping!  We got bedding, clothes, and other things for the baby room. Cole was a good sport most of the time. 

He played with the Legos at Carter's while we shopped. 
We came home with lots of cute girl clothes!
Cole man needed a little break while we were shopping at Utica Square. He looks like such a big boy!
We hadn't planned on it, but we decided to take advantage of the extra help and painted baby sister's room.
My Mom also started on the stencil I wanted on one of the walls. We didn't realize how long it was going to take!  She got about halfway, and I've been working on it with a mask during the week. 
We did have some time to just hang out. They came to church with us on Sunday and we went out to eat a few times. We had a lot of fun with them here! It had been a long time since they came to our house for a visit. 

Cole and Pop Pop got to sit together at dinner. 

Friday, November 1, 2013

Trick or Treat

For the first time, Cole decided what he wanted to be for Halloween, and we made it happen. He told us he wanted to be a shark! I found some pictures online, and made his costume out of a sweatshirt and some felt with the handy sewing machine. I made the fin out of cardboard slipped inside a felt pocket and stitched it to the slit through the sweatshirt. I think it turned out super cute if I do say so myself. :) Could be the kid inside the costume too though.

We took some pictures before we started trick or treating.
And he was off! We started with the neighbors on our street that we know.
He got a cool flashlight from Mr. Howard next door, which actually came in really handy.

We continued and went down about 5 other streets in our neighborhood. Cole LOVED it! He walked the whole time, held our hand, and said some of the funniest/cutest things! He kept talking about other kids costumes and what or who was scary.

His treat bag got pretty heavy after awhile, so he had us holding while we walked from house to house and would grab it back to run up to the door to say "trick or treat" when we got there.
He ended up with LOTS of candy! We let him have some right after, and he loved getting to choose whatever he wanted!
We had the best time with him this year! I think we would have kept going, but it was getting kind of late. He wasn't tired at all though. He was ready to get to the next house every time. The weather was perfect! Clear with a cool fall, crisp feeling in the air. It was such a fun night for everyone! We were glad to have my Mom there to join in on the fun too.

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