Saturday, October 5, 2013

Zoo Day With Friends

On Thursday last week Cole and I met up for some zoo time with Caroline and her two boys, Owen and Simon. We took a few pictures before we went in to see the animals. 
We started by doing the tour of the buildings and smaller animals. The boys got to touch the bear skin. 
We made a stop at the playground. 
And we rode the train back around to the front of the zoo and did the carousel before we left. 
They had a great time running around together and looking at all the animals. It's so cute watching little ones play together and get excited about showing something to the others. 

We also had lunch at Chick-fil-a to round out the best day ever for kids. Haha. Cole and Owen loved playing in the playground there too. They said they were being monsters in the slide. :)

Cole managed to stay awake until we got home and took an awesome nap!  He was so worn out from all the fun!

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