Friday, October 18, 2013

Tulsa Zoo Run

Saturday, October 5th we ran the Tulsa Zoo Run. We've not done this race before but they offer a 5k and 10k, so there was a race for all of us to do. Plus October is prime running weather here in Tulsa and it didn't disappoint! It was in the low 50s and cloudy since it had rained the night before. It was great running weather.

I ran the 5k and pushed the stroller (25 weeks along-my latest pregnant race) with Cole. He did great and just chilled out and talked to me during the run. It was really tough getting started because they wanted strollers to line up towards the back, but then people in front of us were walking from the start. We had to dodge a lot of people over the first kilometer, but it got a lot easier after that and the crowds spread out. I ran the whole way. I was just going to play it by ear and see how I felt, but the cool weather made such a difference. My chip time was 29:25, but results are based on gun time...bummer! So my gun time was 30:31 - 62nd place for women and 4th in my age group.

Tony ran the 10k which started 30 minutes after the 5k, so we were able to cheer him on at the finish. He ran super fast and had a PR for the distance. His time chip time was 42:02 and gun time was 42:18 - 30th place for men and 5th in his age group. However, his watch had him under 42 minutes, so we think the time might have been off a little bit. Either way, it was a great race for him! Cole was super cute cheering on Daddy! He saw him coming and just ran out to him and gave him a high five. Luckily, Tony was running by himself at that point, so Cole didn't cut anyone off with his excitement.

We stayed at the zoo for a little bit after the race. They had a food and awards area that we checked out and a few bounce houses that Cole had fun in. The kind of annoying thing that happened was that Cole and I didn't go get food right after our race because we wanted to watch Tony, so then when we went to get food with Tony, they would only let him get food because he had run the 10k and they had instructions just to pass out items to those runners because they were low on food. Maybe need a new system so the food isn't all gone by then?

We walked around the zoo and saw a few animals, but we were kind of chilly and hungry. It was also pretty crowded with all the racers and their families hanging out. So we left to get something to eat downtown at Dilly Deli. Yum!

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