Tuesday, October 22, 2013

San Diego Part 1 - California Adventure

Our trip this month was to San Diego to celebrate Janet & David's wedding! They got married on Tuesday (a week ago from today), so we left the Friday before to spend a few days in SD beforehand. Friday morning Cole was being particularly wild and fell on the tile and cut his chin. Luckily, we didn't go to the doctor for stitches, a Band Aid for day and night did the trick. He was also a wild man at the airports, especially when we were in Phoenix before our second flight. I think he was tired from not getting his full nap for one thing. Who knows what else...he usually is really good. But he was good on the planes at least. It was just when we had the layover. He actually was laying down, rolling around on the floor in the middle of the D terminal while I was trying to finish eating. Haha! Tony and I were so ready to get to San Diego!
Our flight was late getting into San Diego, so it was after 9 PM by the time we were getting the rental car and going to the house we rented for the whole family and Janet's best friend, Kelly, and her husband, JP. The house we got was super nice and was a great space for all of us, in La Jolla.

We got up at Cole's usual time on Saturday morning, but we were pleasantly surprised that he didn't wake up at 5 AM with the time change and all. It was more like 7:30 AM each day. I guess being super tired from the day before paid off in some way. Most of us were all on a 2 or 3 hour time difference, so pretty much everyone was getting up earlier too. On Saturday morning, we watched part of the OU / Texas game and had David's family over for breakfast at the house. (Can't believe Texas won BTW!)
We watched pretty much the first half of the game, and left to drive up to Anaheim to go to California Adventure (Disney park). They have a Cars Land area with a real life Radiator Springs which is what sold us on going there over Disney Land. Cole took his nap on the nearly two hour drive up there, and we listened to the rest of the football game on the radio.

We found parking and rode a shuttle to the park entrance. Cole wasn't quite sure what was going on, but he was excited by the Toy Story bus.
We spent a lot of time in "Radiator Springs" first. Cole loved getting to see Mater, Lightening McQueen, and Red in real life! It really does look like you're in the movie, which is really cool. We did a ride and walked around before we grabbed some lunch in a different area. Then we went back to Cars Land later on.

This was Cole's first ride - Luigi's Flying Tires! He rode with Tony and my Mom and Dad went together in another tire. I got to watch from the sidelines...no pregnant ladies allowed.

Lightening McQueen! Ka-Chow!

Red, the fire truck!

Gotta love Mater!

After we had lunch, we went to a different area in the park that was set up like an old Boardwalk. I didn't get a picture of it, but there's a big pond and huge Ferris wheel with Mickey on it. Cole and I rode the carousel and all three of us did the Ferris wheel while my Mom and Dad did a ride that Cole couldn't do.

After we met back up with my parents, we got a snack - sundaes at the Ghirardelli store - and watched the Pixar parade. Cole loved seeing characters that he knew and was waving at all of them. It was very cute!

Next, we headed back to Cars Land to do the rest of the rides and to let Cole pick out some souvenirs.

Then, we headed to the Bugs Life area where there were a lot of rides for Cole to do! He loved driving the bumper cars and doing the spinning lady bugs.

We had to take one last look at Radiator Springs with all the lights turned on!

We did one last ride, the Monsters Inc. ride, before we left for the night. Cole had just watched Monsters Inc. when we were on vacation, and loves spotting Mike and Sully when we look at toys, so we knew he'd love that one too. We really had a great time and Cole did great! He never got upset and waited in line so well. We left around 8 PM and did the drive back to San Diego. It went by a lot faster though because there were hardly any cars on the highway, and we stopped for a little dinner/snack at Chick-fil-a on our way back. It was a full day, but so much fun and worth it!

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