Sunday, October 27, 2013

Tulsa Run 2013

Tony represented the family and ran the Tulsa Run on Saturday. It's a 15k (9.3 mile) race that we both have enjoyed doing in the past. I ran it last year and Tony hung out with Cole, so this year it was my turn. 

Cole and I dropped Tony off, parked, and made it to the starting area just in time to see the start although we didn't see Tony. 
Then Cole and I started walking over to the finish figuring we had about an hour. We got a drink and snack at Starbucks right on Boston Ave., the street the runners finish on. We really weren't in there too long before we headed to the finish to find a spot. 
Cole is a great race watcher!  He loves clapping and cheering "Go runners!"

We didn't have to wait too long and we spotted Daddy and we yelled for him like crazy!

Tony did awesome and had a PR which he wasn't expecting! He ran a 1:01:23 -6:36 pace, 12th in his age group and 91st overall out of 4,000 runners! We were so excited for him! We wrapped up the morning with breakfast at Old School Bagel before heading home for an afternoon nap and college football...and a nice easy run for me.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Painting Pumpkins

Last year we let Cole paint one of the pumpkins from our trip to the pumpkin patch and figured he would like doing that again this year. We had to paint inside this time because it was raining outside, but we covered up clothes and got out the craft paint. He went to town and was serious about getting almost every inch of the pumpkins covered in paint. It mostly ended up being a mix of colors but that's ok!

Cole loves seeing his masterpieces on the front porch whenever we come in through there. :)

Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Last weekend we did one of our favorite fall things...visited the pumpkin patch. We've been going to Carmichael's Pumpkin Patch in Bixby since we moved here. It's so fun to take Cole because he's all over the place checking out all the pumpkins and animals. It's hard to get pictures of him though!

Here's a look back at all of Cole's trips to the pumpkin patch.

2011 - 7 months old

2012 - 19 months old

2013 - 2 years, 7 months
*It's not the same shirt as last year! This one has bats on it and last years had spiders. :)

We kept our tradition from last year and stopped at Krispy Kreme for donuts on our way. Cole loves getting the pumpkin shaped one with all the orange frosting.

Cole was all about climbing on the haystacks and checking out the pumpkins.

He even loved climbing on the really big pumpkins!

Cole gave Daddy his approval on this pumpkin.

More and more pumpkins!

Then we headed over to see the animals. A nice woman leaving gave us a partial bag of feed for the goats and someone left a partial bag in our cart we used. So Cole got to feed to goats! He wasn't too sure at first, but once he held his hand still and let the goats actually get the food, he was all about it. I for sure didn't want them licking my hands!

We had great cool weather which makes it seem even more like Texas you don't get that by October! It's one of the best things about Oklahoma...a real fall! We put a lot of little pumpkins around our house for decoration and have some larger and medium sized ones for our front porch. I don't think you can have too many pumpkins!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

San Diego Part 2 - The Wedding

The next day (Sunday) on our San Diego trip was another busy day. Cole woke up and wanted to do some swimming in the heated pool. So Pop Pop and Janet gave in and went for a morning swim.

We had plans to all go to church with Janet and David and his family around 11 AM and grabbed some lunch after that. We wanted to get back to the house so Cole could take a nap (he didn't - for awhile, but that's a whole other story!) He took all his naps either from exhaustion on the couch or in the car because the room wasn't dark and he couldn't calm down to sleep.

Sunday afternoon, all the girls had a lingerie bridal shower for Janet at a wine bar. It was a fun event just for the girls, and we had a good time hanging out. Janet got a Santa outfit as a gag gift from my Mom! Haha! That got her good and embarrassed a little bit. :)

Then, we went over to Janet & David's house to meet up with all the guys. Cole was showing off his musical skills playing guitar and the harmonica. Who knew he was so talented! He LOVED being the center of attention all weekend! That night we just had a low key pizza dinner at their house.

Cole also had so much fun playing Legos with JP (aka JPeeps - Cole was into giving everyone nicknames). He was missing his JPeeps and asking where he was for days after we left!

On Monday morning, we went to Hash House, one of our favorite San Diego places, for breakfast. They have huge portions and food that is so, so good!

How cute are Kelly and JP by the way!!

After breakfast, we went to Road Runner Sports, another tradition we have when we go out to San Diego. I got a sale top and my Mom got some shoes for my Dad and Janet...they were back at Janet & David's house getting some things ready for the wedding and picking up Stacy from the airport.

Monday night was the rehearsal dinner at 1887 on the Bay on Coronado. It was a sweet evening with all the family and friends that were coming to the wedding.

Tuesday was wedding day! A few of us went to get nails done in the morning before Janet got her hair and make up done.

I actually did the flowers for her wedding...thanks to Kelly helping my pick everything out! It was just a few simple arrangements, but I did my first bouquet. I think they turned out pretty cute, and she was happy with them. More importantly, they lasted and looked nice the whole night! Phew!

Janet and David took some pictures before heading over to their house for the wedding ceremony. Kelly took a secret picture thru the window. :)

Janet pretty much did all the decorations and organization of the wedding. My Mom did go out one weekend to do some shopping and planning in September. Here are a few pictures around her house.

And a few before the wedding pictures:

The actual wedding started around 5:30 PM. The weather was beautiful and David's Dad did the ceremony, which was really sweet.

They were so happy and excited!

We got them to do some good cake smashing. :)

Here are a few pictures from the evening after the ceremony:

We had a yummy dinner from one of Janet and David's favorite places, Bull Taco, and dessert from Cheesecake Factory. We spent the rest of the evening just hanging out and visiting. Their wedding was small, personal, and meaningful...just the way they wanted it!

Everyone was leaving on Wednesday. Janet & David left for their honeymoon in Newport Beach and the rest of my family all headed back to our respective places. We had time to all meet for brunch at Broken Yolk and a quick trip to Noon, jewelry store in Ocean Beach before heading to the airport at different times in the afternoon. We had such a great time getting to spend time with my family and Kelly and JP all week. We also enjoyed getting to know David's family and friends a little better since we'd really only seen many of them once or twice.

We actually had an easy trip back to Tulsa. We were kind of worried for a bit because our flight from San Diego was delayed and we had a tight connection in Phoenix, but the delayed time went by pretty fast and we found out that they were going to hold the plane for us in Phoenix because there was no other way for us to get home if they didn't. Thank goodness for that! It was actually nice to just walk off one plane and get right on the next. We had a good little traveler that day too.

Now we can't wait to hopefully see Janet & David again at Christmas (as long as Baby Sister doesn't decide to come super early)!

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