Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Turks & Caicos: Where We Ate

Well, to start this post, the main takeaway from eating out or even grocery shopping for that matter in Turks & Caicos is SUPER expensive! We knew it was going to be pricey from traveling to Cayman last year, but we thought T+C was even more so. We decided that the other factor was that since the island is so small, there aren't as many choices, and not many middle of the road price wise restaurants. Most were sit down, long dinner, fancy menu type places, which isn't our idea of fun with a 2 year old.

We did plan ahead and packed a suitcase full of food. We knew we would be having breakfast and lunch at our condo for the most part. We brought lots of snacks, chips, cereal, boxes of mac & cheese, applesauce, cookies, etc. (Tony even brought beer.) that would make it. That way when we went to the grocery store, we were only buying cold stuff, bread, bananas, Cokes, things like that. We did a much better job with this than we did when we went to Cayman. We figured we could have brought even more since we ended up making pasta at our condo two of the nights. We bought noodles and sauce and then mixed in some ready-made chicken that they had at the grocery store deli. It really was pretty good and nice to just eat at the condo and let Cole have free reign. We did this two of the days we went out to eat for lunch.

The night that we got there, even though we arrived at 1:30 in the afternoon, we knew from going to Cayman that we wouldn't feel like doing anything big for dinner since we had to check in, grocery shop, and check out the pool and beach. Plus OU was playing and actually on TV there, so Tony wanted to be able to watch the game. We ended up ordering pizza from Pizza, Pizza. We got two pizzas and had plenty leftover for one person's lunch the next day. It was by far the cheapest eating out we did. It helped that we could take it back to the condo and have our own drinks and desserts. They even had the OU game on while we waited, so Tony was in heaven.
We thought the pizza was really pretty good, and ended up getting food from there two other nights as well. It was just so easy, and we knew what we were getting and wouldn't be disappointed. *This was our first experience with the "slow season". We were the only ones at the restaurant which we thought was really weird, but by the end of the week, we realized that's just how it was everywhere.

The next night we went out to dinner to a place called Somewhere Café and Lounge. A friend had recommended this place. It was just off the beach. Getting there in the dark, it felt a little shady because it was dark and we had to walk through a condo place to find it, but once we got there, quite a few of the tables were full and there was a band playing. We thought the food was just ok, and we were expecting it to be better. BUT, we did go back over there to snorkel on our last day and noticed that they were closing everything up for the rest of the month. So maybe that was why?

We tried to get a family pic before we headed out to dinner.

The next place we tried was Da Conch Shack. This was one of our favorites and another recommendations from a friend. We chose to go for lunch because it's right on the beach. We took our shoes off and put our feet in the sand. Cole played under the table in the sand building his road. We sweated our booties off, but the food was worth it.
The view from our table!

Cole loved the conch fritters!
Working on his road.
Tony had the "best fish tacos" he's ever had. I had fried shrimp with mac & cheese, and Cole just got a side order of mac & cheese.

One afternoon, we went to get ice cream at Giggles, which was super close to our condo. We all really liked our flavors, but again a little pricey. Another afternoon, we got snow cones and Cole got ice cream from two side by side places that were by Pizza, Pizza.

We had another lunch outing at Las Brisas on Chalk Sound. Oh my gosh, you go there for the view first of all! Who cares about the food, but the food we had really was good. We had a burger, sandwich, and kids chicken fingers & fries. The presentations were nice and the service was the best here of the places we went. This was probably our second favorite.

For our last night, we decided to go to one of the more expensive places for dinner. We chose The Vix, which was another recommendation from a friend.
It was actually crowded because they were doing 2 for 1 beers for happy hour. We were able to get a table no problem, and really had a nice meal. We ate outside, and it was busy, so Cole was no problem. It was a nice place, but not too stuffy for a kid. Cole even took off his shirt towards the end of our meal! Haha! He just unbuttoned all the snaps and tried to just sit there with no shirt on...sorry buddy, not happening! But we did get a good laugh out of that.

We also had lunch our last day from a place called the Pork Shack (no website). It's located across the street from the Grace Bay Gourmet grocery store that we shopped at. Tony's sister & her boyfriend went there earlier in the year when they were in T+C and told us it was pretty good. Otherwise we probably wouldn't have gone there. It's not much of a place...literally looks like a shack with a few tables. We both got chicken (tacos & sandwich), and it was pretty good food. You got a lot for your money. We just took it back to our condo to eat so we could get things packed up and Cole could have something that we knew he would like. I wish I would have taken a picture of the place!

For being on vacation for seven days, we really didn't go to that many places just because of the price and for having Cole with us. We kind of have a hard time spending a lot for food that's not great, or that we can't just sit and enjoy because we're making sure Cole's entertained. But, we wouldn't have done it any other way! For the most part, we went to places that we knew would be good from other's recommendations and did what worked for us. There were a few places that we wanted to try, but they were closed for the slow season. This was also true of many of the shops in Grace Bay. We were trying to imagine what it would be like during the busy season and to have the restaurants actually full! With the exception of a few places, we were one of just a few if not the only ones at a restaurant sometimes!

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