Monday, September 30, 2013

Golf Lessons

Thursday was a busy day for us last week. I kind of went out of order and posted about the evening football game first. But Thursday morning Cole and I drove over to Arkasas to see Stacy who was in town for a golf reunion and football game. 

We met her out at the U of A teamfacilities where she was practicingalittle bit. Cole brought hisputter and we ended up watchingCole putt for over and hour. 

He collected all these golf balls from all over the putting and chipping areas. 
Working the fist pump!

Learning how to rake the sand. 
Practicing some sand shots. 
Cole got a cool "moosey moosey" hat from Stacy that she got in Canada. 
After we were nice and warm from playing outside, we left to get some lunch and Slim's Chicken. We love going there whenever we are in Fayetteville!  Cole spotted a Target and would not let it go. So we went to look at toys and he got a little monster truck. Then we went back to the golf course and hung out and talked for a little bit before Cole and I headed back home and Stacy went to play/practice with the golf team girls. 

We are glad it was only a short drive to go see her, and it was a fun way to spend the morning. Now we won't see her again until Janet's wedding in a few weeks!

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