Monday, August 5, 2013

Potty Time

I can actually say that Cole is now potty trained! We started last week on Tuesday when we were home and not traveling for a few weeks. Cole had been peeing and pooping on the potty before this, but not exclusively. So we felt good and that he could really handle it. He was also telling us when he needed to go even with the diaper on. I'm sure we could have done this earlier, but we had so many trips going go at the time. I'm also glad that we waited until we had a good feeling that he was ready.

So we started with underwear on Tuesday morning. I know a lot of people recommend going bare bottom, but Cole wasn't into that. He wanted underwear and shorts, so I just went with it. We talked about going on the potty because there wasn't a diaper there anymore, but I don't think he realized it until he had a few accidents and his shorts got all wet. He did not like that! I tried to take him every 45 min to an hour so he could get the hang of it, but he still had 3 accidents that morning. Pooping was easy because he had been telling us when he needed to go for at least a week and had already done that on the potty, so we haven't had any of those accidents. Knock on wood! He took his nap with a diaper. He got up, and we went back to the underwear. He didn't have another accident that day. I still made him try to go more often throughout the day. He also wore a diaper at night.

The second day, he had no accidents and was telling me when he needed to go for the most part. I tried to wait until he said something, but if it had been a few hours, I would say he needed to just try to go even if he felt like he didn't need to go. We even made a trip down to the park and no accidents.

The third day was more of the same, and we were feeling like he'd gotten the hang of it. We went to Target and for frozen yogurt at Cherry Berry and he didn't have any accidents. Since then, he has had two other accidents. They have been at home and in the morning. One time he said "I forgot" when we asked him why he didn't tell us he needed to go. He's still wearing his diaper at nap and night until he starts being dry during those times. Two diapers a day is not bad though!

We've done a few rewards for potty training. He gets a Cars sticker and 2 M&M's when he goes pee and got to pick a bigger "surprise", as he calls it, out of a bag when he went poop. Those were things like cars, puzzle, magnets, other little toys that he picked out at Target. He likes getting the rewards, but I think he would have been fine without them. We are still doing the stickers and M&M's just until they are gone, and we ran out of surprises today.

I would say its been a pretty painless experience so far! Cole has done so well. Better than we were anticipating after all the groans you hear from other parents about potty training. The key was waiting until Cole was ready for sure. We will see how our trip goes without diapers next week, but life at home without them has been pretty good!

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