Thursday, August 1, 2013

Change of Scenery

We went on another trip last weekend! Don't worry, we still have one more for the summer in a few weeks! This time we went to Utah, somewhere we had never been before which was really cool. We had a late afternoon flight to Salt Lake City which is good for us because Cole get his nap and Tony can work pretty much a full day before we have to leave. We couldn't believe when we walked onto the airplane, the pilots were up in the cockpit talking, and Cole was peaking his head around the corner to look in...and the one pilot got out of his seat and told Cole to come on up! He let Cole sit in his seat, play with the steering, push some buttons that made the steering shake, flip switches that moved some parts of the plane and made lights come on! It was the nicest, coolest thing! The pilot was telling Cole what everything did and spent a good 10 minutes with him. It was super cute and something Cole really remembers and enjoyed too. It's not everyday that you have a pilot like that.
We got to Salt Lake City, picked up a rental car, and headed on the drive to Provo where Tony's grandma, Phyllis, lives. It took us about an hour and we stopped to get something to eat on the way. We just ate at a Fazoli's...fancy! BUT the most random thing was our anniversary and we heard our first dance song playing in Fazoli's while we were eating our dinner! Weird, but made us smile. :)
We stayed at the Marriott in Provo with the rest of Tony's family. It's really cool how everything is surrounded by the mountains. Cole had a nice early morning wake up call...I'm thinking because of the time difference. So we cuddled in bed for awhile.
We met up with Phyllis and some of her other family that lives in town to have breakfast at Cracker Barrel. Cole loved the store, of course, and wasn't really interested in eating very much. He did get a few treats from Uma and Opa. After we ate, Tony and I left Cole with Uma, Opa, Kelsey, Greg, and Sean for the afternoon and night. We went to Park City to have a little time together for our anniversary. Cole got to ride a train and go to the aquarium. I don't have any of the pics from the aquarium, but he had fun finding the Nemo fish, saw octopus, and lots of other cool stuff.
Tony and I drove to Park City (about 45 minutes) through some cool mountains. You could tell everyone in Utah just loves doing outdoorsy stuff...hiking, fishing, biking, floating the river, etc. Once we got to PC, we visited the cute little downtown area. We did a little shopping, had a snack, and rode a chairlift. I was scared to get on that thing, but it was really cool! We got to see lots of ski slopes and it was just so quiet!
We then went to check into our hotel. We stayed at Hotel Park City. They gave us a nice little upgrade to stay in on of their "cabins" which are small buildings of four or so hotel rooms with kitchen, living room, bedroom, deck, etc. So just more spacious than a basic hotel room.
We went out for a run after that. We hardly sweat at all! We were loving the Utah weather and no humidity! Then, we went and got a couples massage at a spa back in the downtown area called Aura Spa. We hadn't gotten a couples massage since our honeymoon, so it was really nice and relaxing. We then got ready for dinner, headed back to the little downtown street to pick out a place to eat. We decided on a place called Zoom. It has a cool, old, western, lodge kind of feel to it. They had a guy playing guitar and singing who was AWESOME! And we don't feel that way about many singers...haha! The food was good. We had a few things that were really good and a few that were just ok. We left full and enjoyed our time there though.

We had to get up kind of early the next morning. Except now, sleeping in to us isn't as late as it used to be! So we were actually up around 7:30 anyways, but knew we needed to leave a little before 9:00. We had to get back to Provo to watch the Cole Man while the rest of Tony's family went to church with Phyllis. We figured a small church where we had never been before wasn't the best idea for a full on energy 2 year old. We met up with them and Phyllis and some other family members for lunch afterwards. We went to a place called Café 300. The food was really good, and it was like eating in someone's dining room. It was small and all the food was freshly made. They even made cupcakes for Phyllis's birthday because Tony's mom mentioned that's why we were all there. So sweet! You can tell Cole was a fan!

Next up was Phyllis's actual birthday party which was why we went to Utah in the first place. There were tons of friends and family there to celebrate. It was held at a local art museum. Tony's mom did a great job of planning and organizing everything. It turned out really nice.
After the party, we drove back to Salt Lake City, where we were going to stay the night, and had dinner at a place called the Wild Grape. We made it to SLC before the rest of Tony's family, so we drove around a little bit and went up to the State Capitol building and got out and walked around a little bit.
Dinner was pretty good. For some reason it took a really long time to get our food. We were there for over two hours, which is a little tricky with a 2 year old, but we made it work. Some of the food I had was really good...white peach sorbet, cucumber/avocado/jalapeno soup, Cole's snap peas, and some was good, but probably wouldn't get again, like my salmon. I think Tony really liked his steak and mashed potatoes, but I don't remember what they were exactly.

We stayed at a hotel by the airport for the ease of leaving Monday. We slept did Cole...until 7:45, and had breakfast at the hotel. Tony's family had to leave earlier than we did, so we said goodbye, but just stayed at the hotel and let Cole play while we took our time getting ready and packed up to fly home. Tony had promised Cole a trip to Target to get a new car, so we did that and on our way just randomly passed this cookie shop and decided to stop on our way back. Oh my gosh was it good!!! It's called Ruby Snap and they were seriously the best cookies! They have lots of different combinations of flavors that you don't usually see. The girl let us sample some, and by sample I mean have half a cookie, before we bought some. We decided we should go back to Utah to go there and to Park City! So they are some good cookies, I'm not lying!

We made our way back to the airport and had enough time to get some lunch. The SLC airport is really nice! We found a food area with Qdoba, Pei Wei, and a Boar's Head Sandwich shop. Not your usual airport fare. We had a hard time deciding what to get. Once we got on the plane, little man ate his Ruby Snap chocolate chip cookie and slept the rest of the flight. He's gotten to be a good little traveler.

We really liked Utah a lot and would love to go back sometime. The weather is amazing this time of year and it's cool to have that mountain view everywhere you go. The trip was really busy, but we got to see a lot, hang out with Tony's family, meet nice people, and celebrate Phyllis's 90th birthday. A successful trip!

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