Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Cleveland Trip

Early, early on Thursday (4th of July), we started our flights to Cleveland. We were going for my cousin, Jason and Amanda's wedding on Saturday.
We had our longest travel layover to date (4 hours) in Chicago. We got some breakfast, picked up some Garrett's popcorn for snacking later, and then went to the children's play area in the terminal. We stayed there for an hour and a half! Cole had a great time running around and playing.

Our flight to Cleveland was about an hour. Cole spent the entire trip like this...from take off to landing.
Poor guy was so tired from getting up early and all the running around he did. He just couldn't even keeps his eyes open!

Once we got to the hotel in Cleveland, Cole was the center of attention and had a great time playing with all the toys my cousin, Bryan, brought with them from Toledo. We all went to dinner that night to Bucca di Beppo. I hadn't been there in years! Janet and her boyfriend, David, got in from San Diego just in time for dinner too.

On Friday, we had some time during the day to do something fun in a new city. The weather was overcast and a little rainy, so we decided to go to the Greater Cleveland Aquarium. It was in a cool, old building across the river from downtown Cleveland, but it was a little small and kind of pricey for what was actually there. The highlight was the shark tank and tunnel. We went through there twice. The touch tank was cool too. Luckily it wasn't too crowded either.
All the other guys were out playing golf while we went out in the morning. We also stopped and had lunch at Chipotle before heading back to the hotel for Cole to nap. Stacy and her boyfriend, Steve, got there on Friday afternoon too. While Cole was napping, we got to visit with them for a little bit. It was our first time meeting Steve too.

Then, we all started getting ready for the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. We had to take Cole to the church since he was the ring bearer for Jason and Amanda. He did a good job practicing, so we hoped for the best for the actual wedding! We headed to a winery nearby for the dinner part of the night. We had some fun family time and took lots of pictures!
This was our first late night for Cole. He did really well, but was so tired and ready for bed. Everyone came to our room while we were getting him ready, and he just had a breakdown eventually and it was over. I think it was about 11 pm by the time he went to bed. He did sleep until 8 the next morning which was awesome! AND he did great sleeping on the blow-up bed that we got for him. I think part of it was that he was so tired every time he had to nap or go to bed for the night, he wasn't interested in getting up!

Saturday was wedding day. The ceremony was at 2:30, which proved a little tricky for Cole's nap schedule, but we managed to get him about an hour of sleep beforehand. Saturday morning, Janet and David came with the three of us to check out West Side Market, a food market near downtown Cleveland. It was a really cool place, but super crowded on Saturday morning. We walked around a little bit, and got a little snack.
We met the rest of my family and the Heil family (my cousins) for lunch. If you ever go to Cleveland, this is where you need to go eat! It's called Melt and it is amazing types of grilled cheeses. It was awesome! We left stuffed and talking about how good all of our food was! This was when we rushed back to the hotel to get Cole a short nap before we had to start getting ready for the wedding.

**Next post will be on the wedding!

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