Monday, June 10, 2013

Woodlands Trip - Weekend #1

We drove down to my parents' house in The Woodlands the Friday that I was done with school. Tony was with us until Tuesday morning. Cole and I stayed until the following Sunday. While Tony was with us, Cole got to spend some time at the neighborhood park.

The three of us and my parents met up with Tori, Nik, Lukas, and Tori's parents to play at the Waterway splash park and then go to Lupe Tortilla for dinner. The boys were funny at the splash park because they really didn't play in the water or with each other. They went their separate ways and played with monster trucks. They were pretty cute playing around the fountain at Lupe Tortilla though. I think they actually remembered each other from Tori and Lukas being at our house just a month ago.

This was also Cole's first opportunity to get in the pool since last summer. It was so warm and humid the water felt good. Cole was NOT happy about getting in the water. We pretty much had to force him in, and he was crying for the side the entire time. Luckily this didn't last the whole trip.

We had one task we needed to get done this weekend, and that was getting Cole fitted for his tux for the wedding he's going to be in this summer. My cousin, Jason, is getting married the weekend after July 4th in Cleveland, OH. Cole wasn't sure what was going on, but then he started to like all the attention.

We went to one of Tony's favorite places, Willie's, for dinner afterwards for some onion rings and burgers (or chicken for Cole and me).

With Tony and my Dad around my Mom and I were able to do a little shopping, and we could run some errands while Cole was napping. It was nice having some other sets of hands around. Cole loves his Nina and Pop Pop too!

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