Sunday, June 30, 2013

Georgia Wedding

Last weekend I took a solo trip to Atlanta for Kelly & JP's wedding! Kelly is Janet's best friend since they were young, and Janet was a maid-of-honor in the wedding. Kelly is like our fourth sister since she used to go on vacations with us and always comes to visit Janet wherever she's living. They have been great friends to on another and have kept in close touch despite the fact that they've lived in different states for most of their friendship now.

I got to Atlanta early in the morning because my flight left Tulsa at 6 am. My Dad picked me up at the airport since my Mom and Janet were at the bridal luncheon. My Dad and I got some breakfast and did some shopping at Lennox Square Mall. I can't remember the last time just my Dad and I hung out. It was fun! We also grabbed some lunch before heading back to the hotel to meet my Mom and Janet. We relaxed for awhile, worked out, and then got ready for the rehearsal dinner. The dinner was at an old mansion in downtown Roswell. We had BBQ to eat, got to meet & see Kelly's family, and just chatted and hung out for the night.

On Saturday, my Mom wanted to go to the mall, so we went again. :) I got a few more things that I must have missed on Friday. Haha, but I really haven't done much shopping since we were in New York in February! We went back to the hotel to relax, workout, and get ready for the wedding that night.

The ceremony was very pretty and special. They had a lot of family involved in the ceremony which was neat to see. Janet did great in here MOH duties. The reception was at a different mansion back in downtown Roswell. They had good food and a band that everyone really enjoyed. There was a lot of dancing going on!

Kelly & JP are such a cute couple, and I was happy that I was able to make it for their special day.

While I was in Atlanta, Cole and Tony were enjoying some bonding time. Tony took Cole over to Arkansas for Stacy's golf tournament on Saturday and stayed the night. I think most of the pictures I got involved Cole getting treats. :)

I know they had a good time together, but I'm hoping they were ready to see me too!

We left Atlanta pretty early on Sunday because my parents and I were going to Arkansas to watch the final round of the NW Arkansas golf tournament in Rogers. Tony and Cole picked us up at the airport and we had some time to relax until Stacy played.

Cole convinced my Dad to take him to Target to get the train he's had his eye on every time we've been!

It's been one of the best toys ever! Cole loves pushing the train all around the track and going over the bridge and under the tunnel.

We watched all of Stacy's round (with a few hole break so Cole could play with the train). It's always a fun place to watch Stacy play because she gets a ton of love from the Hog fans. She had a good top 5 finish also. We helped Stacy pack up and make her flight on time as well as get all of our stuff together before heading back to Tulsa with my parents. They flew from here early Monday morning to head back home. It was a long weekend with many activities, but it was fun to spend time with family and friends!

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