Thursday, June 20, 2013

Blueberry Picking

The spring had been usually cool around here, so we weren't able to do any blueberry picking until last week. The temps were in the 90s last week, so Cole and I went to go picking very 7:30 am early at Thunderbird Berry Farm. Cole is up anyways, and we wanted to get out before it got really warm outside. We got our two buckets and found some good spots with ripe berries and started picking. Cole only picked a few and was over it. So I had to do the rest while keeping my eyes one him. He did the same thing last year, but now he's faster!

Cole enjoyed running around the rows of berry bushes and getting his shoes dirty in the mud. He even found some big piles of dirt to play in. Luckily, the mess stayed mostly on his shoes which looked like this at the end of our time there.
Even with Cole not being very into the whole thing, I managed to get a couple pounds of blueberries to take home. Cole was cracking me up because he was getting mad when I was pulling berries off the bushes. He was saying "No Mommy, leave them on!" Haha. Another thing that he loved, that is probably the only way I'll get him to go again, was the fact that there were tons of tractors out there that he could check out.

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